Voicemail notification not showing?

I do not have voicemail notification on my Moto X Pure since a system upgrade a few months ago. I do not know when I have a voicemail or missed call. Is this in settings somewhere?

Are you not seeing the active notification that fades in and out when the phone is sleeping…or the notification in the top left notification bar?

I haven’t experienced any issues with my MXP since the Nougat upgrade. Is that the same update you are referring to?

No I am not seeing the active notification for voicemail or missed calls or the notification in the top left. I don’t know where to look to reset those. Sometimes I have had to reset notifications after an update. I believe it was the Nougat upgrade. Thanks for any assistance.


I have a X Pure and haven’t had your problem either. Have you tried clearing your system cache? There’s also the possibility you have another app installed causing your issue.

I just found a good app today and added it to my phones. It might fix your problem if nothing short of a factory reset does. It’s a missed call reminder app that will also give you a an audio notification reminder. Mentioned it in this topic: …Need a good Texting App?

The normal progression of steps to try to debug this is to

a) Clear Cache - How to Clear the System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones – Republic Help

This is always recommended pre and post any major update.

b) Run in Safe Mode - How to Enable Safe Mode on Motorola, Nexus, and Google Phones – Republic Help

To see if one of your downloaded apps is interfering with the normal operation

and finally

c) Factory Reset - Factory Reset – Republic Help

Let us know how that works out for you.

The app suggested by @PlaneTherapist also sounds like an interesting workaround.

Hi @dcarnahan

Did you check Settings>Notifications>Phone and check that the app has not been inadvertently set to disable notifications…just a thought.

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I followed your advice and this may have helped. All of a sudden the notifications are showing now. I didn’t think I did anything, but I must have. So far we are good to go. Thanks.


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