Voicemail on Galaxy S10

I just got a new S10 and I am using it on Republic’s network. I tried to check my voicemail after I missed a call and they left a message, but the only way I found was by calling my voicemail just like a flip phone. Is there another way to access and listen to messages instead of the old way of calling a voicemail number and hearing “press 7 to delete or press 9 to save?”

Sorry your question hasn’t received any responses in couple of days.

It appears to be an issue with Samsung’s Pie update that has created this bug…it’s not unique to RW service…hopefully a future software update will resolve it. See this thread for some more info

Hi @cynthiap.z1w1bo,

Just to make sure we’re not overlooking the obvious, did you try to access your voicemail from the Phone app or by tapping the notification?

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Yes, I tried clicking on the voicemail and it could give me all of the information about it, but it wouldn’t let me listen to it. I think that it is correct that there is a problem with Android Pie that will hopefully be fixed soon. Thank you all for your help!

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