Voicemail on phone not via logging in



I used to listen to all my voicemails on the Android (7.0 Nougat) phone app. Now they all go to the service where I need to dial in. I don’t know how I got to where I am at but I want to go back. How can I do that?


Take a look at this.


Browse to this folder and check if you see all your voicemails in mp3 format. That should help you determine…if it is the Phone app unable to play the messages…or if it is some issue with the voicemail not getting downloaded to your phone.

Download -> Republic -> Voicemails


Thanks for both of your suggestions.

Concerning the first: I used listen to my voicemail by following those instructions. But now all I get is a notification that I need to dial the number and login to listen. I want to go back to being able to listen to them directly on my phone without having to dial in.

Concerning the second: I have an encrypted SD card. There is no Download folder on the SD card. There is on Internal but it does not contain a Republic directory. (Once again, it was working and stopped. Wouldn’t have expected the Republic directory to be erased if that was the problem.)

I think I remember setting up a password one day while bored and it may be that now all my voicemail is being sent to the dial-in mail box. If so, I want to undo it so they go back to my phone rather than being held at RW where I need to dail-in.


Thanks for that additional info. I don’t think the act of setting a password would have anything to do with your issue.

When you say you can’t see the Republic directory on Internal…is that when you try to browse on the phone?
or from a computer? It is a hidden folder…so it would be accessible only from the phone. If you still don’t see it, I’d recommend that you submit a ticket


Hi @laurindag,

Could you give us exactly the steps you are taking to listen to voicemail and then tell us more about the notification you are getting? Is it a notification you read on the phone or is it something you hear?


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