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I just bought an unlocked Galaxy S10+ and transferred the SIM card from my Moto X Pure phone. Everything went smoothly without a hitch except for voicemail functions. I can’t seem to find an easy way to access my voicemail or see what voicemails I have saved. I’m not talking about transferring over old voicemail, just trying to get it working for calls going forward. I’ve read online that you can swipe the phone to pull up a voicemail app but it isn’t there for me (I also can’t find it when I search for it). The keypad area makes no mention of voicemail functions at all. The only way I can access it right now is to press and hold the 1 key on the keypad and then enter my voicemail password. This is inconvenient and also only lets me listen to new voicemails; I’ll often save voicemail with info for my work and listen to it again when needed but I don’t think this method is going to work. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? Any solutions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Unfortunately Samsung’s Pie Update broke the visual voicemail feature. Not just for Republic, but for a lot of carriers. The Samsung message boards are littered with complaints. Hopefully Samsung will fix it in a future software release.

Thank you for the quick reply. Are there any 3rd party solutions? It looked like there were some voicemail apps in the Google store but I didn’t look too closely because I wasn’t sure any were compatible with Republic. Have you heard any ideas along these lines? Thanks!

I don’t believe any of them will work unless you’re talking about switching off of Republic’s voicemail to a paid voicemail provider and using the voicemail forwarding feature in which case any service that provides you a dedicated number to forward to should work.

I’m not sure if this is just a UI issue or if the voicemails are not downloading at all to the phone. But if the voicemails are downloading to the phone…you might be able to browse to them through File Manager and then play them as audio files. Not super convenient but better than dialing into the voicemail access.

I don’t understand what’s meant by “visual voicemail”. I have a Samsung S8, and ever since I did the pie upgrade I can’t access my voicemails. The phone says they’re there, but when I tap to open nothing happens.

Welcome to the community. Visual Voicemail is precisely what you describe, being able to listen to voicemail in any order, without having to dial-in.

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