Voicemail or Call Forwarding To Another RW Phone - WHEN Or EVER?

Discussed and suggested to RW before but have heard nothing in some time.

Will member’s ever be able to forward calls between RW Phones? Is this still on RW’s to-do list? Any progress in going from not presently supported to supported? Complicated or costly for RW to implement?

Now that we may have RW phones on different networks with different coverage there would now be an added benefit to having this available. We shouldn’t need another provider just to have another phone for forwarding calls to when away from one of our phone’s service area…


You can transfer an unanswered call from your Republic Wireless phone to another non-Republic Wireless phone by setting up voicemail forwarding. Phone calls can then be be answered or allowed to go to voicemail on the second phone.


Note: Forwarding from one Republic phone to another Republic phone is currently not supported.

Reference: Make and Receive a Phone Call – Republic Help

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