Voicemail preservation when switching to new RW phone


Mother is considering upgrading to a new RW phone, but has 2 voicemails from my recently deceased father that she wants to preserve. so - are the voicemails stored on the rw phone or rw’s servers? is there a way to retrieve voicemails via wav or mp3 file for preservation?

How do I download voicemail messages?

see this thread How to save voice mails

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As long as the new phone is chosen to replace her current phone during the activation the voicemails with stay with the number and she will be able access/listen to them on her new phone.

Believe they are stored on a server because they don’t remain on the phone. Keep in mind the newer 3.0 plans are different as well as the coverage she may have.

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Thanks for the replies. Seems Audacity is the way to go.