Voicemail settings unavailable


I am now able to Configure spam call blocking. However, I noticed that Voicemail Settings are unavailable.

How to Stop Unwanted Spam Calls

Hi @edwind.rbskac,

I suspect what you’re describing may have been a lingering effect of our outage today. If you reboot the phone now are the voicemail settings available?


Yes,. Thank you.


I have no Voicemail settings on my Moto g3. I’m powered down and restarted several times. Still, after going settings there is no Voicemail on the list. Shouldn’t something be there? I just finally cleared and “Ongoing voicemail”, but I keep getting an announcement that I need to set up my voicemail password. Catch 22. I can’t get there from here.


Hi @vernr.zafwuk,

Please open the Republic Wireless app and tap the green plus sign on the initial screen. Do you see a “customize voicemail” option there?


Yes. I was looking in Settings – Apps, but saw nothing there. Going directly to the app I do see a plus sign on the right side of the screen. Tapping the Plus, I do the Customize Voicemail. I unchecked and checked the box. I was able to enter a pass code. Does that take care of the situation? I’m not sure what was accomplished, but thanks.


Now that you’ve set your voicemail PIN, let us know if you are able to listen to your voicemail messages the next time one comes in.


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