Voicemail shenanigans! Strange messages, no voicemail tab in phone app?

I don’t have a Pixel 3a, but I do have a 4a 5G and it works there and I’ve not seen any other complaints that removing the Phone updates don’t work. Let’s see if anyone else has any input.

I have a moto g6 play same issue. Voicemail is extremely important now because I’m going through a complicated financial situation w lots of time sensitive calls. This is extremely frustrating. Hard to believe there’s no fix yet.

I am having this same problem too. I have a Moto G6. I have the 3.0 plan. I uninstalled the Phone by Google App as described in this thread. Now the Voicemail option is back on the bottom of the phone app. Thank you.

However, after uninstalling the “Phone by Google app” now I no longer have the option of blocking a call and marking it as SPAM. Any idea of when this will be fixed in a new update? This is extremely frustrating.

Thank you.

As this is a fix that will have to be issued by Google (as it is their app and their update that broke it) Republic has no way to control and no way to know when Google will fix the issue. You could of course just use traditional voicemail (call in) instead of visual voicemail and keep the app updated.

Hi @xochitlm.0lhhsz,

I’m sorry to see this update to the Google Phone app has come at a difficult time for you. However, I don’t think it needs to cause you undue frustration. You can either apply the workaround in the Help Article we’ve linked, or you can simply dial in to listen to your voicemail whenever you have a voicemail notification. Instructions are here: How to Access Your Voicemail – Republic Help

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What phone do you have? moto g power

What plan are you on? 1gb talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

About 6 weeks ago my phone notified me that I had a voicemail. I went to check the voicemail and noticed under my phone app the voicemail icon was missing completely. Since then I have restarted my phone multiple times, I have attempted to setup dial in voicemail but was unsuccessful as well.

I’m unsure of where to go from here as I am completely unable to check voicemails that I receive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @bobbyv.qm1jnc

A recent update to the dialer app can cause this on Google and Motorola phones. Please see the article at the following link for instructions for remedying this.

Please let us know if this works for you.

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Worked perfectly, thank you for the help!


Moto G7 Voice Mail icon disappears in phone app, have to restart to see voice mails, very annoying and I could miss an important voice mail if I don’t see the notification

Hello @peterm.6tp20x,

Please see the following help article:

This should help, but let us know if it does not.


works - thanks!

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