Voicemail Transcription

Adding a voicemail transcription feature would be great!

I just switched from MetroPCS and the lack of voicemail transcription on Republic is making me seriously regret the move.


It may be coming sooner than you think. Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless

Quoting from that page: “Coming Soon A smarter way to screen your calls –
Not sure who’s calling? See real-time voicemail transcription—then use automated text responses and call filtering.”


So you have to use the Anywhere app, if this feature does become available?
Not a big fan of the app- the GUI isn’t customizable enough. If I could alter the color theme and reduce the font size of the Anywhere app, I’d likely use it.

I use textra as my text app due to the fact I can make the type super small and dark.
If textra wasn’t compatible with republic I absolutely would have switched back.

I love the ethos of republic- that’s why I’ve wanted to give my business to them.

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You could forward your voicemail to Google voice and have the voicemail transcribed and texted back to you.

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We don’t have any more info than what’s shown there at this point. The site leads you to believe that yes, it would be in the RWA App, but marketing sites are marketing sites so who knows what the actual functionality will end up being.

Already messed around with that- problem is I can’t set a voicemail notification that is separate from the googlevoice ringtone. So on the off chance, I get a call to my googlevoice number I would just hear my voicemail go off.
I’m also a little put off that I’m technically using the googlevoice service and just forwarding my calls from my number to it. Seems like something could go wrong- maybe I’m being overly causious on that?

I’m an android user because I can customize the layout, interface, graphic elements, and notifications to such a high degree.

I would have to think that if the Anywhere app could transcribe a vm than any voicemail app would be able to… of course I don’t really totally grasp the nuance of the technology- so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Any updates on this? I too really need an easy way to scan voicemail. Voice transcription is on the top of my list and I am thinking about invoking the 14-day trial, since visual email is not available.

No new info.

Android Oreo (8.1.0) has this built in. Works on google fi. I wonder why Republic Wireless hasn’t taken advantage of this built in OS code…

Also, bumping this topic because it’s been a year… :wink:

It actually doesn’t. What is supports is the carrier pushing a transcription to the native dialer, but the transcription is still done by the carrier. A number of carriers still offer this as a premium option on their more expensive plans or something you can add-on.

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Oh okay. Google fi does, and the only difference between them and Republic Is half the price of the data. I was hoping I could get voice transcription fixed without having a separate app but rather just the Android OS.

Thanks again!

I have never found even Googles so called Transcription to be any good…
Not many folks even leave voicemails these days (its almost 2020 for petes sake) aside from spam/scammers.
The times i have seen the transcription, they are way off and make no sense.
My mother is the only one that leaves me VMs and they are often 5 min of rambling that i never bother to listen to…as she then just sends e a lengthy email with everything she had just said in that…

Years ago, when i was on VZW, then Pre paid TM, before Visual VM was a thing, I used to use Google Voice VM on my phone and that would send me an email and transcription (often very poor) to my email.

Visual voice mail itself is quite handy though, having the VMs just listed there in the dialer, not having to dial 1 and call into an automated system. I wish this would be a standard for ALL carriers. It just makes the most sense to make it simple, easy, fast, a thing to look at, for such an archaic and ancient feature that is Voicemail (my folks still call it an “answering machine”)

I use Google Voice and appreciate the voicemail transcription. I find it really useful, though I imagine some privacy is compromised.

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