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Whenever I listen to a voicemail, the volume of the voicemail is always low (I have the volume turned up the full). Note: the automated parts are very loud :ie: “You have 2 new messages” etc. It is just the person talking that left the message that is always very soft. Is there any way to fix this?

Low Volume on Voicemail

There is no way to fix this. RW has the playback volume set as high as it will go but the problem lies with the recording volume. To work around this I always use speaker mode when listening to voice mail.


Why can’t republic increase the recording volume? Listening on speaker still is hard to hear


Good question. I raised that with @seanr a while back but he might have missed my comment.


I complained about this years ago.

@seanr has stated that since they receive very few complaints about this issue, Republic isn’t going to spend the necessary money on engineering to fix it.


Everyone complains why can’t RW see that? Opps answered already


We were able to duplicate the issue with the low audio on a couple of our devices. At this point we have opened a bug ticket and are working with an internal group to see if this is something that is able to be fixed.

It’s been a known issue for a long time, years. I was advised last year to open a ticket in order to bump up the complaints number. Opened a ticket in late 09-16 and above is from one response received received from Support…

Thanks for the update.

Our engineers are still looking into the issue.

Same problem with my X Pure on RW GSM but while temporarily trying out MintSim the recorded message volumes were excellent. Added this to my still open ticket in mid 01-16.

Don’t understand your logic? Have you never adjusted volume while recording audio? If the recording level is set too low RW needs to increase the level. Using the speaker may help a bit but volume is still too low for some to hear and a strain to hear for others.


There id no way for the OP to fix this.


Duh concerning OP and you said the above earlier in discussion which is inherently wrong…

You also said the above earlier


Same issue with a Moto g4. the low volume is accompanied by severe static as well.


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