Voicemail when phone switched off

When my phone is switched off, calls go to voicemail almost immediately. I’m using a Moto G3.

This seems to be a recent change. I use a Google Voice number, which calls both my Moto G3 and a VoIP box. It used to be that calls would go to the answering machine connected to my VoIP box. Nowadays, the Republic voicemail answers before the answering machine can pick up.

I prefer the older behavior. I don’t mind that the Republic voicemail answers when the phone is off, but the delay is too short. Is there a way for the Republic voicemail to wait some number of rings or seconds before picking up?

There isn’t and I’m not aware of any provider that waits to send to voicemail when the phone isn’t registered with the network. Have you thought about using the voicemail forwarding feature to send voicemail calls to your GV number?

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Yes, I’ve tried the forwarding feature. When someone calls me, of course, the Google Voice number is in use, so forwarding the call to GV gets the GV voicemail instead. That’s still not what I want.

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