Voicemails from people that think I'm the IRS

I have got several voicemails from different people that think they are leaving a message for the IRS. Anyone else experiencing this? It seems that everyone leaving voicemails are local.

I actually answered one of these calls and the person on the other end said they dialed a completely different number than mine.

Spammer spoofed your number to make calls to local Numbers with fake IRS call

A good first thought.

If you’ve confirmed this different number is also ringing your phone, I suggest opening a ticket to get that resolved.

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Last month I was getting people leaving me voice messages and even calling in the middle of the night telling me to stop calling them. It stopped after a bout a week so I guessed a spammer had spoofed my number. Nobody mentioned the IRS and I have a phone number from my local very tiny exchange (probably 400 numbers). I don’t answer any call I don’t recognize due to an excessive amount of spamming that started increasing since last August. I did always wonder if a fake “IRS parking sticker” would keep a police officer from writing a ticket though…

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