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On my old Moto X, I got my voicemails directly from the call log. I never called voicemail, because they were already on the phone. I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S7, and they are not there. I have to call voicemail, and the call log doesn’t even reliably tell me there’s a message (all the icons are the same, message or not). Did the voicemail in the call log feature go away? (actually, a lot of good features of my old moto x went away…I may have to find a used one).

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I have to dial 1 on my S7 too. I do see the voicemail icon under the first name in the recents list but can’t find a way to play it. When I dial 1 I’m asked for my PIN. I find myself entering the PIN 3 or 4 times before the VM system finally accepts. it.


Hi @greyh.cc67xy

Here is a Wiki from fellow member @amitl you may find helpful.


Thanks @c1tobor! That works for me.

  1. Tap the Phone icon.
  2. If not selected, tap Recents at the upper left.
  3. Tap any item here which has a Samsung contacts voicemail icon Nougat small under the phone number.
  4. Tap the Samsung call history info Nougat small to see the message details.
  5. Tap the Samsung contacts voicemail icon Nougat small on the right end of the voicemail entry.
  6. Tap Samsung contacts voicemail Play Nougat small to hear the message.
  7. To delete the message just heard, tap on the date/time-stamp of the message, then tap Delete at the upper right, now tap the voicemail item to select it, and tap Delete at the upper right again.

Thanks guys. I e-mailed that to myself, and will hopefully remember to use it! It’s a pain checking my voicemail by pressing 1, and having to enter the password over and over until it accepts it, as @billg mentioned.


Do I sense sarcasm?.

On my MXP I tap :telephone_receiver:, :clock1:,:voicemail: tab(s), and act accordingly.

:grinning: …(edited out :grinning:emoji).

All kidding aside @greyh.cc67xy , Samsung’s Interface will be different than Moto’s interface.

Samsung’s are very popular, but, so are Moto’s. It’s really a matter of preference.

Both have some very cool features.

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Well, it’s 6 button presses compared to 2. I’m finding a LOT of things like that. I think I forgot that when I got the Moto X2, it was priced midrange, but it rivaled the top IPhone and Galaxy of the time. But now the X4 (I hear) really is a midrange phone. I only went for the S7 because it’s $100 cheaper than the X4, and slightly smaller and lighter. But it’s not even faster than my old, broken X2.
I really miss my active notification screen, and worst of all, my Moto X2 would automatically connect to my work wifi, password and all (and it’s a long, complicated password, and I’d have to do it a few times a day). Is that not available with the new android? All that, and I’ll be paying about $10 more per month.

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