VOIP console for calls from desktop/laptop?

Longtime Republic user, and generally happy with the service – despite some quirks (some messages arriving late, etc.) My phone is okay – call quality is sometimes spotty

I’d like to be able to use the service to make calls and receive voicemails from my laptop – similar to Messages for Web. It would be great if Republic linked with one of the VOIP apps, or had their own console, enabling me to dial numbers.

Is there a VOIP console app available that enables telephony with the service? Is one in development?

No. There isn’t. Republic Anywhere was headed in that direction, but calling from a computer never made it out of the development phase. Have you looked at the Extend Home adapter?

I use Google Voice to call/text/receive voicemail from a computer, but that requires using a separate phone number from your Republic Wireless number.

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Thank you for the reply, CBW, that’s disappointing, but I’ll live with it. My wife has an iphone that allows it – so convenient. I’ll check into Google Voice as you suggest, but it appears they’d assign me yet another phone number, and I’m not seeking to go that way.

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