VOIP numbers cannot validate on Discord


What phone do you have? Nexus 6P
What plan are you on? My Choice Plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

I’d like to validate my phone on Discord. But they disallow VOIP numbers for validation .

In searching the forum, I see this is similar to a stale topic about validation with Viber, It’s basically the same kind of deal. Can Republic Wireless reach out to Discord to see if they can reach some sort of agreement on validation?
Alternatively, can we figure out a way of using the underlying cell number to perform the validation?


Republic hasn’t had a lot of luck with this. I would suggest that you try the same workaround that is suggested for Viber.

The underlying number isn’t usable by the customer in the newer generation service, so this is no longer a viable work around.


I’ll give it a shot. During an initial contact, they seemed "hard-no"ish with me. I hadn’t included screenshots though.

Thanks for the info Louisdi!


Essentially, you’re trying to convince them your number isn’t VoIP. It is but if that’s an issue, sometimes making it seem otherwise does the trick. Either way, I’d be most interested in knowing the outcome. I documented the Viber workaround and should it turn out to work with other services would expand upon that.


@rolandh I didn’t see your ‘workaround’ at first. I followed it in the most recent contact with Discord.

Honestly, it doesn’t seem like that would be the only good way to de-spam the system. They’ve got a mobile app, they should be able to read the SIM info and validate it without typing in a number… such is life though.


As been mentioned on many thread, u can’t use VoIP or prepaid numbers for many sites or services 2 Factor Authentication or Identity verification services.

Use “Authenticator app” option. I use Google Authenticator app, it generates codes for u. Far more secure than SMS authentication. I have that setup with Discord and many of my accounts.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah.

This isn’t about 2FA. You are totally correct about that. This is about an anti-spam measure some discord servers have selected where you need to have a “valid phone number”. You can see the issue I’m having here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000961212-Invalid-Phone-Number


Must be something new then…

The only option i have ever seen in discord where phone number is required is for SMS Backup Authentication.


And I would say it is the same issue…

  • VOIP , Burner/Prepaid , and Landline numbers can not be used to complete verification. You must use a mobile number to verify.

It seems they are using the number to do the Identify verification/validation thing that many other services do.
As that is the same stipulation those services give.
Since those noted type numbers require no verification/validation upon creation.
So u cant tell ur a real person vs a spam bot.


Again, you are perfectly correct and your analysis of the situation is spot-on. The question is: what to do about it?


I am not sure I understand the issue exactly…
Are u locked out of your Discord account and they are requiring this Phone verification?
Or u are just trying to join a server that requires this verification and everything else is fine?

Like I said, The only thing I can find in Discord is the SMS thing, and that already has my number in it, but its not active cause the Authenticator app setting overrides that.

Do they not give u the option for either phone(SMS) or Authenticator app?
I am a paid Nirto member, so maybe I have more options?


Here is a throw-away link to a throw-away server. https://discord.gg/2QuzHB

Create a new account (in-case nitro grants you superpowers) and try to join, and chat. I’ll say “Hi” in discord if you can manage it.


Ah. I see now what u mean. New accounts not already validated…R.W. an G.V numbers show as in valid when u try to access the chat on the server.

My Discord account must already be validated ( I do have Nitro so maybe it happened then, or when I setup SMS Authentication before that.)

However, my number was on Sprint postpaid at the time. Now its ported to R.W.

Only options I see are:

  1. Argue with Discord to allow ur number…probably not gonna happen if even technological possible for their system as a carrier lookup will show bandwidth.com and is not a mobile number.

  2. Bug the server admin u are trying to access to drop the Phone verification requirement. (Or assign u a “role” as this setting does not apply to those users, public only)

  3. Use a different number tied to a acceptable service. Use a friends or family members phone…etc

Good luck.


I found the settings that apply to this:


@rolandh got a response. No dice at present.