Volume and Google Assistant started freaking out

My Moto e started freaking out, with the volume repeatedly turning off and Google Assistant popping up every 3 seconds so that I can’t use the phone. Clearing the cache and rebooting doesn’t help.


Try putting the phone in Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. If the problem disappears, look for a recently updated or installed app that may have caused the issue:


I’m not sure what to do. The problem started in the middle of watching a show, so I’m not sure any app was updated. This morning, Google Assistant tried to force me to turn it on, and kept doing so even if I’d click OK. And the phone cut off cell service a couple times and said to turn off airplane mode to make a call… but after a couple more reboots, everything seems to be working fine now!

Is this a sign if a virus or my phone being hacked? Should I wait and see, or do some kind of statement restore?


Plus the battery is at 62% after only 4 hours off the charger!

No, not likely.

Sure. If the problem comes back, follow the advice from my first post.

Assuming you weren’t using the phone heavily, (you did say you were watching a video) please go into Settings-Battery and tell us what the top 5 apps are listed there and the percentage for each.


Since I charged my phone last night, the only “app” showing is the Android system. The phone seems to be working normally without battery drain or freak-outs for the last 24 hours, so I’ll just see how it goes and open another ticket if I need to.

It was a weird experience! Reminded me of when a short in my car’s electrical system made things start turning on and off randomly like it was possessed!


OK, glad to hear!

ARRG!!! I tried to watch a show on the NBC app again, and the volume started repeatedly turning itself off again. During this time, the phone got warm and the battery dropped over 5% in 10 min (Settings show the screen, the Android system, and Republic Wireless are the top users). The power button also started being disabled, and when I was finally able to re-boot, it opened up in Safe Mode, but the volume kept turning off and going into silent mode every few seconds. I checked the NBC app history in the Play Store, but it hadn’t been updated in weeks. and I use NBC about twice a week.

I uninstalled the app, and the problems persist… what should I do?

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