Volume at Max, but can barely hear sound Moto G7 Power

Volume setting is at max, but only slight sound can be heard. Calls on speaker sound about like they should when it is against your ear. I’m jealous of the loud obnoxious ring tones you hear in some places! I’ve uninstalled many apps, cleaned up the memory, rebooted several times, rebooted into sagfe mode and still couldn’t hear anything. Went back to normal boot up and still very little sound. I can’t find earphones, so I don’t know if they are affected as well. Tried to find CLEAR CONCISE instructions for emptying cache on this phone, but couldn’t. It’s 2 years old, do Motorolas die at this age? My last one, a G4 died after 2 years with a screen tic that Motorola wanted $80 to fix out of warranty. Couldn’t find any help at Motorola’s site.
Thanks for any help.

You won’t find help as the volume really is terrible. I have an older phone and use a speaker app that turns my speaker on when I recieve or make phone calls. If you want privacy you will have to shut the speaker phone off or go outside somewhere. Try this and report back what you think!

I’ll try that if this is what I can expect from the G7. I can hear my wife’s apple across the room, even when it’s not on speaker. People I talk to say they can barely hear me. My volume is maxxed and I cut away the bottom of the phone case to expose the mic. Maybe they save battery power by reducing the volume on everything. After 2 years, I only get a day and a half from the battery.

I talked to Motorola. They say 149 to fix. I think this is my last motorola phone. 2 years is not enough from a phone that has limited use.

Hi @highduster,

This is because on Android 10 there is no longer an option to clear the system cache. My understanding is that the cache partition is either no longer created, or is cleared on reboot. (Opinions vary.)

If you were to send the phone to Motorola for repair, you’d need to first factory reset the phone. Since you were willing to do so for repair, it might not be a bad troubleshooting step at this point, to rule out an app conflict.

A factory reset will remove all of your personal content from the phone, so please make sure you have everything backed up before you take such a step. After the phone resets, you’ll want to sign into your Google account, but do not allow the phone to restore apps from a backup. Instead, manually add them one by one, starting with the Republic app. Test the phone with only the Republic app re-installed to see if the volume issues persist, and whether they exist on both WiFi and cell. If they continue at that point, then it is most likely a hardware failure. If there is no issue at that point, keep adding apps back and testing between apps (for a day or so for each app) until you determine which app is causing the issue.

You’ve mentioned “two years” but it looks to me like your phone is not quite at its two-year mark. Did you by any chance pay for the phone with a credit card that extends a manufacturer’s warranty?

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I’ll look into backing everything up and will try a total reset. I had removed newer apps already. My main concern is maintaining contacts. Thanks for your suggestions.

I hope you’ll let us know.

You can make sure your contacts are synced by using a computer to log in with your phone’s Google credentials at contacts.google.com

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I found that Google isn’t very transparent about what they include in the cloud back up. And Microsoft’s “photos” backup failed several times mid-backup. Finally did the reset, and sad to say the sound was weak even with no apps installed. Thanks for your help. I guess I’ll be phone shopping.

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