VPN & WIFI connection

What phone do you have? Moto E4+

What plan are you on? MyChoice+3

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

I have recently installed SurfShark VPN on my phone, notebooks and laptops and am pleased. However, there are times when wifi will drop and not reconnect on my phone. When I disconnect and reconnect the VPN I am back on wifi. So… this is more of a question than a problem as I just default to Cellular… but I am sure Republic would rather me be on wifi :slight_smile: $$$

Do you think this is more on the Republic side or VPN provider side? I am also asking the same question to Surfshark.


As the Republic Wireless app monitors the signal quality and augments it with cell (part of Republics Adaptive Coverage and its key component “Bonded Calling” my guess is that the VPN is introducing enough delay, due to the software encryption/decryption and the distance from their their termination server to Republic, it is probably pushing things beyond the ability to provide a quality VoIP experience.
I don’t know if SurfShark provides the ability to select which US server you connect to you, but you might get better results by trying some of the others (looks like they have 28 US servers)


Thanks for the technical description. That would fit the footprint of what I am seeing since it is intermittent and not on-demand reproducible. Surfshark allows you to select a server at-will. I have done speed testing when I first installed the VPN and it does slow down a bit and of course varies by country. demand on that server,etc… It is a ‘fun’ learning experience using the VPN on the phone identifiing apps that either will not load at all versus some (like Uber) that kept telling me no cars were available. As soon as I disconnected the VPN cars magically appeared. I guess they did not like me telling them I was in the US but they are reading my IP saying I was in Moscow :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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