Wait for RW or go for sys update?


My Moto G5 Plus popped up to do system update from Motorola.

Is this OK to do, or shall I wait for the Republic App to tell me?


Hi @kens.bx9rqp,

The Republic App will not advise you about updates.

This update is supported by our service.

We are seeing some examples of Routers using WEP as their security method no longer being supported as this update applies a new security patch. If you experience trouble connecting to your router after this update, please see

and if you have any questions, someone in our Community will probably be able to help you.


Update complete, and it appears all is well. Haven’t used WEP in years.


All it was a MR update an a security up date. They did not upgrade the android 7.0 to to the latest.


I just purchased a Moto g5 plus and this same update notification keeps coming up even though I’ve gone through the update 3 or 4 times now. Why does it keep on appearing?? If it matters, the update shows a number: 137 93. It just popped up again 137 93 4. Are there really this many consecutive updates?


There should be that many updated the Moto G5 Plus was released over a year ago these are the monthly security updates [really every other month from Motorola]