Waiting on NEW SIM and billing dates

The information on my account says my next billing date will be January 17, I purchased a 5.0 plan on December 17. If that is the case, I won’t get a full months service, because a SIM hasn’t been shipped and it’s already December 20.

BTW, I ordered before 10 am.

Good Morning @smel630,

You will get a full month service because the bill cycle date will be reset when the SIM is activated. The date currently shown as your next billing data (one month from the date of your order) is a placeholder until you receive and activate the SIM.

I placed an order Friday before 3:00 PM eastern time as well. My experience is the same as yours, no indication the order has shipped though I did receive order confirmation and a placeholder bill cycle date of January 17, 2022.


Thank for that information.

My daughter is really anxious to inherit my 2020 Moto Stylus with 128 GB, her phone has 32 GB. I think her phone is an X4.

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I can appreciate that. Clearly, the launch of Republic’s new store has had and, perhaps, continues to have its share of glitches. I’m confident (because it is in their business interest to do so), Republic is working to iron out any remaining glitches and get orders shipped.

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My SIMS came today.


I can not activate, there is no choice for Republic Wireless as your previous carrier. There is now a bug report.

Hi @smel630,

You can pick anything on the dropdown for the previous carrier option.

We have seen a situation where it looks like in order for the transfer to process successfully, something has to be in the field for the apartment number. We suggest simply putting “apt 1” in that field until we can get that fixed.

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Doug at the call center did not know that, I’ll try that now. Thank you

Now I have activated new new phone, but it tells me the sim is not provisioned, does it take a while to activate on the phone? I don’t want to start the second phone, if I did something wrong.

Neither line is activated, the work around a did not work. I hope I get an email, when the bugs are fixed, because I still haven’t gotten an email telling me my SIMS shipped, not the email to be “The First” to know.

Does this mean selecting any carrier and adding “Apt” and “1” in the apartment boxes?

Did you see any error messages, or did it act like it was completing?

No one has, I’m afraid.

This has not yet been sent, but is not a bug. We’re still in a “soft opening” period and have not yet announced the re-opening by e-mail to the public.

It acted like it was working and when I got to step 3, it told me to call customer support. It showed no activity on their end.

Thanks @smel630,

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with what “step 3” is. Did you contact the Help Team again?

I did and we submitted a help ticket.

Is there anyway to get a status update on porting issues? I can call the customer care number, but they have pretty clueless.

Someone named Doug was supposed to do a bug report and said I’d get an email, that’s been more than 48 hours ago.

Hi @smel630,

I’m sorry the call agent promised an e-mail within 48 hours. Some of our call agents, being new, are not familiar with our processes. We’re not able to see into the future to know when a solution will be available, so we don’t usually promise a time when we’ll be back in touch.

Are your phones still working on your current plans, or are you without service while you wait?

They are working, but the power button on my daughter’s phone is malfunctioning, thus the need for a new phone.

I have not been able to activate my SIMS. Supposedly they are aware of the problems and have issued a bug report. I haven’t heard anything in over two days. I’ll be calling tomorrow. I’ve paid for something and can’t use. It is quite frustrating.


I am now getting an error that my number is not eligible for porting.

I have two tickets now that have been created by RW call center.

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The problem with it taking several days, is they force us to activate both phones at the same time. I’ve been waiting 4 days for help. Now I need to wait until Monday at the earliest to try again, because I can’t be without my phones while I travel for Christmas.

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