Want new phones and to add lines

I want to get my twins phones for Christmas, and came to buy them and add lines to my account for them, and find the site still down.

Can I do this? If so How?
If not, what assurance do I have that I’ll be able to before Christmas?
If that isn’t likely to happen, is there some other method I could use short of switching providers?

Thank you;

As shown in the “stay-tuned” link, the ability to add new lines has been suspended until RW announces their new plans. That announcement is expected “in December”…no additional details are available at this time…your question will eventually be merged to this post…but for now you can look at this post for more details.

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I had my phone stolen and with the site down and no way to order a new phone or SIM card. From my understanding the only way I can deactivate my stolen phone is to activate a new one so I;m stuck. it appears my best option is to switch services and port my number out.

Sorry about your stolen phone. For your situation, I would suggest that you open a ticket and see if RW support can help you out.


So I’m ■■■ with no indication that I will be able to get my twins their Christmas Presents prior to Christmas…
If I switch my family to a new provider, with Republic be able to transfer my existing numbers to the new provider, or is that service also unavailable?

Number transfer is a federally mandated service and is very much available to all members even during this transition.

The uncertainty of the timing is definitely unnerving… I think the general hope is that new plan info should be available “very soon”…but without a definite date it is up to each member to decide what best suits their needs.


Hi @kwscott and @jamesj.m3fnvh,

A replacement or new phone does not have to come from the Republic Wireless store. There are lots of places to find phones from our list of compatible phones, including direct from Motorola, Amazon, B&H, Best Buy. You’ll just want to make sure you are buying a supported phone. Our Community can help you make sure any phone you’re considering is supported.

@jamesj.m3fnvh, once you have a replacement phone ordered or in-hand, just let our Help Team know that you need a SIM card. We’ll rush one to you so you can activate your replacement phone on your current account, keeping your same number. If the whole process of ordering getting a phone and SIM card extends beyond when we re-open the online store, we’ll work with you to get your phone set up on one of our new plans.

@kwscott, unless you want to go ahead and activate the girls’ phones before putting them under the Christmas tree, you’ll do the same thing - once you have your supported phone in hand or on order, just let our Help Team know so they can ship you a SIM card. If getting their phones extends past when our store re-opens, we’ll work with you to get them set up on one of our new plan, instead.

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@southpaw … I’ve got the phones for my twins (boys)… How do I get SIM Cards for them? How do I contact the Help Team, and what do they need to know?

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Hi @kwscott, I’ve found your most recent Help Ticket and I’ll get the request for the SIM cards submitted. There is a chance that they won’t arrive in time to be activated. If that happens, we’ll continue to work with you in the Help Ticket to get new cards that can be activated sent out.

Thank you;

The South Ute address is the correct one.


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Hi @kwscott,

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There’s a story behind that…

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