Want to change my Samsung phone to a Motog4 play that I bought from Rep. previously. no one has helped

What phone do you have? Samsung

What plan are you on? talk, text, data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

I purchased a Moto g4 play just a short time begore my Samsung and I didn't care foe the moto. I used it for only a short time so I thought I would try a Samsung. I haven't cared for it. I just want my info transferred back to my Motog4. Why can't it be done?

I have swapped between a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and a Moto X 4, and I am like you not a big fan of the Samsung line.
Each time I encountered a problem with the activation that required the attention of engineering in the background.
Assuming you have already opened a ticket and they ‘haven’t been successful’ you may want to update and reference my latest ticket #2050991 (you won’t have access to it, but they will)
NOTE: PLEASE IGNORE …See update below by @SouthPaw

Hi @jben,

I’m happy to report that the issue that prevented you from swapping phones was very limited in scope, not affecting a large number of members, and it has been resolved so that it will no longer affect members.

Hi @norbertb,

I see that you have opened numerous tickets and a couple of chats on this matter. All have ended with our agents asking you a question or providing instructions and receiving no response from you.

I’m going to merge your tickets together into a single ticket so that the people helping you can do so in one focused conversation

Activation of a phone takes place on the phone itself. there’s no way that Republic can activate the phone for you. However, there are many people trying to help you. I’m wondering if, perhaps, you’re not seeing their replies.

Hi again, @norbertb ,

Your tickets have all been merged into a single conversation, which you can view, here: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/2083833 and our Help Team is also going to try to reach you by phone.

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