Want to get wife on Republic Wireless but

When I first got my phone the service was horrible. Poor reception was a big problem. I was shipped a new Sim card and it was perfect! Now…how do I let Republic Wireless know to ship her phone with my (second) Sim card? There’s no reason she should have to go thru what I went thru. Tried Chat but the 3 min wait went over an hour so I hung up

There is no way to specify which SIM card you get with your phone order. That is determined by the system based on different factors. Some of the phone models are available with both SIM options and some need supports help to get an alternate SIM.

Do you know which phone you wish to order and can you give us your zip code?

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Zip code is 28678. I was on the GSM but got switched over to the other (sprint?) which works perfectly

Let me see if I understand. When you got your service you were on GSM and the coverage was bad and support moved you to CDMA and now all is good. You now want to bring over your wife but do not want her on GSM to begin with?

Oh, The phone will be the G5 s plus

Yes, thats it

That phone model is capable of being shipped with either a GSM or CDMA card. If GSM coverage in your area is not good, then there is chance the phone will ship with a CDMA card. There is no guarantee though. The only for sure I would think is that you enter a zip code in the coverage checker that has no GSM coverage before ordering your phone.

I looked at coverage in your area on the GSM map and there are some good and some bad spots.

Thank you michellen. My wife needs the phone for work so i don’t think well take the chance. A few weeks without a phone (if she gets wrong Sim) would hurt her

I will note that until recently the Moto G5S Plus had to first come as GSM it’s only a recently that a CDMA SIM could be ship with the phone ()assuming you got the same phone earlier Coverage Update: Our Online Store Now Has the Moto E4+, Moto G5S+, and Samsung S8 in More Areas!

I will also note that all BYOD will have to start as GSM

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Hi @raymondm.jwl9sm,

There’s no reason to expect it to take a few weeks. Please let me know if I can help with this process.

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Besides the phones now being shipped with CDMA as @drm186 mentioned. There may be a better chance for the phone to be provisioned with CDMA since the system shoul know your phone is on CDMA. When 3.0 CDMA was being rolled out RW said the system used your current network to help decide.



Also, I believe that Republic Wireless doesn’t port your number over until you indicate that you wanted ported over. Your wife could test out her phone with the phone number RW provides until she is comfortable with porting her real number to RW.


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