Want to give my old phone to a grandchild to use


I recently upgraded my Moto phone and want to give my old one to a granddaugter to use. How do I remove my contacts and pictures from that phone without them coming off my new phone? I took a few contacts out of the old phone and they came off my new phone also. She will not be using Republic for her carrier, but will go on her parents plan or may just use wifi for her use of that phone. Is all this possible?


What model is your old phone? You can check on the phone under Settings – About Phone – Model.


A deactivated phone is a mini WiFi tablet to remove your data from the phone one would factory reset the phone and not relink your Google account [your granddaughter would want her Google account so her data would get backed up]

If the phone is an older legacy phone [Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, or G3] then it would not work on any carrier other than Republic, all phones since are the US Regional Factory Unlocked and will activate on any carrier willing to activate [though some are GSM only like the Moto Z and Z play]


Sorry for the delay. It is a Moto G 3rd generation.


I’m afraid that phone can’t be used with any carrier but Republic, so your grandchild won’t be able to use it on their parent’s plan. In any case, in order to reset the phone so that your private information is removed, you’ll want to factory reset it. Directions for doing that can be found here: How to Factory Reset Your Phone

She can just use the phone over wifi like a mini tablet, you your could activate it on the Republic $5 plan which would allow it also to be used as a phone for texting/calling but only when connected to wifi.


Thank you for the info. Resetting the phone to the factory reset won’t eliminate anything from my new Moto G6 Play, correct?


It will not. In fact it will remove the old phone from your account preventing things from getting deleted from the G6 Play because someone deletes them off the old phone.


Right now when I remove a contact from the old G3 phone it takes it off of my new G6 Play. If I do a factory reset on the old phone will it take all the contacts/information off of my new phone?


That’s right, the phones are linked. Factory resetting will unlink them, it will not remove anything from your G6 Play.