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I have been given a Moto G phone that I want to setup with Republic. But when I try to select the phone I have from Republics options, there are many different kinds of Moto G type phones. How do I know which one I have? If I make the wrong selection will that matter? A search in settings/about tells me only that is it a Moto G, nothing else.

Once I get an account, will the phone work in Europe? If it does, will I be charged extra? Or would I have to put in a sim card when I get over there?

the phone currently does not even have a sim card, so I assume republic would send me one?



Hi @alexanders.q5gwwr
Did the phone come in the original box? We need to determine if it’s a RW phone or Not really first.
Tap settings on the phone- scroll to the bottom “about Phone” --Model number should tell you what phone you have.
Does the phone say republic on it anywhere?

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there is no way it is a republic phone. My friend would have told me if
it were. He wiped it and removed the sim. So I am starting from
scratch here. I already did the settings/about stuff. it’s a Moto G
5.1 Android. Baseband version M8926, whatever that means. Kernel
version 3.4.42-g89906d6, whatever that means.



sounds like a Moto G 1st Gen
is there a republic app :rw_app: in the app drawer :appsicon: ?
If not it’s not a Republic legacy phone and not on the Approved 3.0 list so no able to be used on Republic
the Legacy Phones (Moto X 1st, 2nd, Moto E 1st, 2nd, Moto G 1st, 3rd) all have a custom ROM, which is stuck at 5.1, and they need to be the Republic version of those phones
3.0 has a to been tested to handle Republic Hybrid VOIP(WiFi First /Cell back up and need to be on the approved list and at lease at OS version 6.0 or greater

edit for information on what phones are approved or are legacy phone see



It is in no way a Republic phone and it is a Moto G 1st Gen, the simple answer is that it can’t be used with Republic.



Thanks for you help. Sounds like if I want to use it I will have to go through a provider like AT&T or Verizon. Ill look into that. For future reference, if I want to use Republic at some point, is it best to buy phone directly from them? Or just as long as the phone I have can be supported by their system it will be OK?

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The link that @drm186 provided above in his comment provides the proper link to the officially supported phones (and it is updated as new phones are added by Republic)


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