Want to know why I hate smart pones


CAUSE ONE CAN NEVER RELY on them. Shheseeesh. MOTO G4+ wifes phone MOTO g5. NOW I CANT CALL ON THE DAMNN THING using WIFI. I HAVE DONT NOT ONE THING TO CHANGE this and both phones are doing the same thing. Get nothing but busy on cell tower and cant call out on WIFI. YA I LOVE SMART PHONES, BULL


Republic is currently experiencing an outage which seems to be impacting numerous things including calling, texting, the use of Anywhere, and making changes like enabling the spam setting and adding data. You can follow the status at http://status.republicwireless.com


I just enrolled at PURDUE hoping to get a degree in IT so I can learn to use this ■■■■ phone. Well as soon as I can get a call out I will.


Thank you but this is the end I am going back to a LAND LINE


Breaking news… land line providers also have occasional outages. All it takes is one careless backhoe operator to rip up a underground fiberoptic cable, and the resulting outage can last for hours.


GUESS WHAT WHEN I GO TO DIAL ALL THE KEYS ARE THERE AND I DONT HAVE TO HUNT and peck. I can rest the PHONE on my shoulder and not call 911 by acident. I CAN HEAR a landline, Freaking screen is constantly change where the I cons are. Hangs up current call when I recieve another. I DONT HAVE TO PLAY HIDE and SEEK with a LAND LINE. THE FOOLS WHO created smart phones should be out of work


Yup. Progress has it’s pitfalls. But, we must endeavor to persevere, because, that’s progress!:grinning:


Not only are they not out of work, they are some of the richest people on the planet and the companies they built some of the most valuable.


PROGRESS.? How is this progress when one get a freaking phone that has 900 options of which are not needed nor wanted and dont work 1/2 time any way. Think we were better off with smoke signals. I have been in IT for over 30 years and every year products become or unstable because of lack of quality OS including apple


Computer were supposed to make life better. I don’t know. It seems they have made life more complicated. But, then, all progress seems to make life more complicated.


This is not progress. We have been online with our medicare provider who will all their dam computers still can not answer the simplest of question. If all the computers in the world disappeared I would NEVER miss them. NO BODY ever hacked my blender when I was a kid.


There is merit to you argument. I don’t think I would miss computers, either. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon.


Sure will be in my home. I DONT NEED THE AGGRAVATION.


Other than the fact that computers and the analysis capability they’ve brought to the world has allowed most of the progress that we’ve seen in the last 50 years, including vaccines, cancer cures, decreased automobile accident deaths, decreased weather related deaths, etc etc.

Probably should get rid of the microscope and penicillin while we’re at it.


Ya they cure our diseases and then let us suffer longer. My grand parents were far happier with out tv and radio than 90% of those here to day. Ya they cure you so you can be deformed for the rest of your life leaving one in debt for every


Ok, that’s enough for me. I’ll politely step out of this conversation now.


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CANT and ■■■■


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