Want to leave republic


ANYone have experience with T-Mobil


Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

Is there something specific about your Republic experience I can help with?


As a matter of fact I use T-Mobile Prepaid for service on an iPhone because Republic doesn’t support iPhones.

I like the coverage and the network quality but Republic offers me equivalent coverage on my Android.

I’m not at all impressed with T-Mobile’s customer service. While not perfect Republic has been the much better experience there.

If T-Mobile has a plan that’s a better fit for your use case or supports a phone you want to use that Republic doesn’t, I could see making the move. Otherwise, based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Sorry but too late. I am tired of calls dropping when some one else calls. I am tired of having to reboot to keep the phone from calling others, or texting jibberish, I am tired of not being able to answer a call after tapping the answer. I am tired of it getting hot. I am tired of poor battery life. I am tired of being tired of my phone and republic


While I understand that you want to leave RW, I don’t understand why you would ask for experiences with a different carrier on the RW forum rather than going to that carrier’s forum and asking that question? Unless you are just looking for a passive aggressive way to vent your frustrations with RW…


I really wanted to stay right were I am. I dont like all the changes. People who might have had experiences with other carriers just might convince me that I was making a mistake. I would love to stay with one carrier but I am not in a position in life to have to diagnose problems with my phone before I can even answer a call. If this seems passive aggressive I apologize.
Lets try again.

  1. When the phone is turned on and left for a few minutes it naturally will go into sleep mode. Now I understand that is needed for battery life. That is the way of mobile devices. So lets start there.
    A. I pic the phone up and want to used it and I swipe the screen it will do one of the following
    1. Nothing
    2. Sit there with the screen jitter bugging
    3. After several seconds go one of my desktops, never knowing which one.
    4. go blank
      With the exception of number 3 I must hit the shutdown button on the side and hope it does not shutdown. Sometimes it will and other not and it does not matter if I tap the button or hold it as it is the luck of the draw

Ok the Phone rings,

  1. It has a message at the top of the screen which ask if I wish to answer, why it would not go to the standard screen with the answer icon puzzles me. None the less I tap answer, my bad, and
    A. NOTHING happens
    B. another screen comes up with another phone icon but the call is not answered
    C. Be one of a dozen other outcomes
    D. With the luck of the draw I get to answer the call
    1. while waiting for all the icons to settle and the phone connect
      a. The caller hangs up
      b. The phone gods connect me to the caller after several seconds of the phone displaying icons I never use. I have a hearing issue and must tap the speaker I con to hear it. I go to tap the I con and sure enough its not done displaying the icons and I hit the wrong one.
      Here is gandpa thinking that he will get to talk to his grandchildren sometime before they graduate. Or my attorney to tell me he tried to call me several times but go 4 different messages as to why he could not… BTW all the calls from those wishing to sell me a laxative that works or just plain hang ups ALL GET THROUGH.
      c. ah I get to talk eventually and My granddaughter, a lovely you lady, is on the phone and she say HI Gra…
      1. some stupid message has popped up tell me YOU GOT MAIL, or any one of a hundred other beeps and whistles of which I do not have enough time on this planet to figure out what the mean.
        a. I miss the greeting
        b. The phone disconnects
        c. On occasion my grand daughter gets to hear me rant.
      2. A call from some one wantering to sell me a product that wont leak calls and
        a. My Grandaughter is disconnected
        b. I tap the hang up button and nothing happens
        c. Next thing you know I am on a conference line speaking listing to the saleman who is alread at the point of "WE HAVE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PRODUCT ON THE MARKET. Now my Grandaughter can hear him but not me which is good cause I dont want to have her hear me RANT.
        d. Dade ari
        e. I finally get to talk my Grandaughter just in to hear her say. Gotta to papa love you.

Must I continue, yes in fairness I must.

I get an email from my accountant which reads, been trying to call but your line

  • said the republic wireless customer is not available.
  • Left you a message hope you get it VERY URGENT that you call back. I tried texting but you didnt answer. REASON is that it was one of the 6 other beeps whistle and pops that made my granddaughters call hanup.
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT I SPEAK WiTH YOU NOW. THIS WAS 10 minutes ago when the email was sent.

I quick swipe to the screen with my Phone Icon on it trying desperately to make the call as quickly as possible

  1. I swipe and nothing happens
  2. I swipe and soon as I get to the correct screen it is call the guy that want to sell me a better ear was removal kit.
  3. It is calling some one who has ask that I rant to much and doesnt want me to call back
  4. aw the phone icon
    a. TAP TAP TAP TAP nothing
    b. phone Icon sits there and jitters
    c. a bunch fo the previos numbers are available tto call of which I never want to call for the most part.
    d. I get to place my call but hang it up trying to get the speaker loud enough to hear.
    e. THE CALL IS MADE just in time to be disconnected by a sales all from some one from the garbage pickup to tell me the lid on my container was not to specifications
    f. I get through in time for find out I JUST MISSED the accountant and he is in a meeting and will TRY to get back tomorrow.


PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT this is not an exaggeration.
I have tried the message boards but quite honestly I know the dangers of resetting a computer and I NEED MY PHONE
I have been told that the jittering is a known issue with Moto and they are working on it, bet their phone are down.
BTW. I get a all next day and yes its the accountant. “Hope you are having…” My wifes moto had called me and disconnects me. no kidding. I then here my wife ranting about being disconnected when our granddaughter calls. So far she does not have the jitters.

SOUTHPAW HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND OUR FRUSTRATION. I really dont have the confidence that these issues will be resolved. If you believe they can be I am all ears, I have to be, I WILL DO MY BEST TO BE A GOOD CUSTOMER

BTW. T-moble has sweetened the offer by 1 gig for the same money. PLEASE HELP ME I DONT WANT TO LEARN A NEW PHONE I DONT WANT TO CHANGE this is not personal at all.
THANK YOU. If you are interested I WILL guide you to exactly what I want the phone to do, I dont want it to tell me the temperature in Hanoi just let me make and take calls, pictures and my wife uses Facebook. Let us send and receive texts and let us not have to continually hunt for the Icons. THANK YOU again


Honestly, it sounds like you might just be better off at a carrier with a more basic phone rather than a smartphone.


Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

I don’t believe it’s a matter of folks here not liking you. You specifically asked about experience with T-Mobile. For what it’s worth, I shared mine. More likely than not, others may simply not have experience to share. The very first reply to your post was an offer from a staff member (no one else who’s answered you including me is staff) to help if you like.

Candidly, I haven’t fully digested the long list of challenges you listed. On the surface, it sounds like these are phone and/or coverage issues. Would you care to share the brand, model and, if applicable, the generation of phone you’re using with Republic? With a zip code, we also might provide more insight on potential coverage issues.

The above said, one does need to be willing to accept using a smartphone means using what amounts to using a handheld computer that among many other things can be used for calling and text messaging. If that’s not for you, you may want to consider @louisdi’s point of view.


From your list, there may be some issues with the phone that needs to be resolved?
I’m thinking, you and your wife both have phones. You should try using a different and simple Launcher like Wiser https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wiser.home
I used TMobile for a short time to try it out. Everything worked good for me. Had the senior plan of 2 phone lines for $60, all inclusive. I believe it is $70 now. Still the same phones I use with republic wireless.


Hi Southpaw,

I want you to know that I was started an IT firm back in the 80s. I fully am aware of the challenges. I have had customers on my door step at 6 in the morning on a Saturday because something quit working. I was truly hoping that Republic would take the challenge of give their customers what the need.

I always felt that if I kept the challenging customers happy the rest would fall in place. TAKE care of people like me and you will make your company grow leaps in bounds. In this short time T-Mobil will not get my business as the made one of the fatal errors that cost them my business. There is a new business model of which believes it is easier to get a new customer than keep an old one. I chose to challenge you because you are not the GIANT and that you might be willing to consider change.

The question is will you.

I went through the issues of introducing WINDOWS to clients who had be very happy with DOS. I could tell you story after story of business who made decisions to move against my recommendations only to put the blame on me for their changes.

DOS was simple stable and FAST but the glitter and promise lured them in. One in particular was an attorney whose son was taking an IT class in college. He convinced his father that he HAD to make the change. His staff was ready to quit. They were typist who found that doing a task that required reaching for a mouse to be very inefficient. One retired early rather than put up with the task of using windows. He lost productivity.

What I am recommending is that some how some one develop an android phone that lets one easily find JUST the tasks they wish no clutter. Let those that want it to walk their do add the feature as needed.

I am upset with your company because you seem no to have solutions to problems that are serious but on the other-hand changing requires that I trust that any data that I might have on the cloud might be lost. Ill be honest I DONT know what ended up on the cloud as I had no intentions of placing it there but I am being told that I am out of space. HOW did it end up there. I DONT TRUST THE CLOUD sorry.

Now did I and I mean I make a mistake choosing MOTOROLA?? My firm was one of the largest resellers of Intel products in Indiana but I have little experience with Samsung products nor the others in you domain. Lenovo now makes a very good PC but who knows about their other products.

The question is do you wish to keep me as a customer, I am not shopping price I want quality. When I chose the phones we have I was told the G4 and g5 were specifically designed for our home. I was under the impression that if we did have tower issues that the wifi system would talk over this is not the case. I have great signal though out the house but get skips pops and missed calls there too. I really dont understand why because VOIP had advanced leaps and bounds past these issues.

What say you. I am using email because it is so far easier than your blogs.

Thank you



Please be aware that your conversation is taking place publicly on the Republic Community Web Forums where other customers help out other customers in regards to typical issues. On occasions, members of Republic Staff respond and help out, SouthPaw in particular. But many other users here will often respond to try and help.

Republic is an on-line based MVNO. They have no physical stores or a call center in which a customer can seek help in person or over the phone assistance. Help is accessible online via a Help Ticket System, On-line chat, email, social media or community forums. Go to this page here for how to get help: How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Perhaps I missed something in your very long posts…but have you reached out via help ticket before you posted you long list of complaints? No service provider can just reach out and magically “fix” something that may or may not be broken or end up being the users lack of understanding on how things work on todays super complicated smartphones. A troubleshooting process must take place to gather information and narrow down how others can attempt to assist you. This is often harder to do via text based forum posts with no direct access to your device, compared to that of in person.

My folks very often hate todays phones and at least 2x a month have to take their phones in to Verizon to have them “fix” things on it or have them show them how to use it, cause they forget or install some app that messes up the phone. If this is the kind of support you need, then a MVNO like Republic is not going to meet your needs or expectations.

To me, and others here, it sounds like a usability issue with your phone and that you may or may not be understanding how to use it and its apps or features or that some settings may need to be adjusted for it to work as expected. But it is hard to determine that when you dump so much of multiple issues at one. We will need to focus on one thing at a time in order to be effective in resolving the issues you are experiencing.

Do you have a screen protector or case on that may be messing up your touches? If so, remove it and clean the screen.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY. I WANT VERY MUCH to Stay with you. I am for the little guy. WHEN i vent it is to make you better to make you try harder to do better. I WILL stay with you but some how together we must solve the major issues I am having. I know there are people out there who will share but quite frankly they are above my knowledge base. I have yet gotten answers as to how to know where my pics are stored. I WANT them stored on our phone. I have a serious hearing problem and all the dinky dinks are a real problem for me. The dropped calls are a huge issue I do not want to be interrupted at all when making a call. I get 10 calls a day that are dead air. I was not aware of this being a public post so I will keep this in mind.

I SURE hope we can solve these issues. Are there better phones than the G4±5+. I want to store all my pic and docs off the cloud how can that be done. Dan


Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

First, please understand the replies you are seeing in your E-mail are automatically sent by our Community software, and when you reply to those E-mail messages, your replies are publicly posted in your topic at

Next, a little housekeeping:
I’ve cleaned up your topic a bit - you were having some trouble with the software automatically posting your reply before you were through typing, and I’ve combined the four posts you made into one, as you intended. In the midst of that frustration you asked if we really “don’t like you” - and I think you were reacting to the issue you were having with your text being posted before you were ready, not in response to any individual’s reply here.

@rolandh’s answer addresses that comment from the perspective of being concerned you were getting the impression that replies to your post were from people who don’t “like” you.

Finally, to address your concerns:

I think the suggestions you’ve gotten here so far are good ones. You can install an app that makes it easier to use an Android phone. I’ve used Wiser, one that was suggested above, on both my mother and my mother-in-law’s phones, but I’ve recently had to remove it because a recent upgrade introduced some new “features” that we did not like at all.

Nova launcher is an excellent choice, but requires some time to configure it to meet your needs.

I’m not familiar with the jittering you’re describing, although you have mentioned a Moto G4 which does have some known touch-screen issues. Have you looked at this helpful topic?

Our Community would be glad to troubleshoot that with you, as with each of the other issues you’re experiencing. Each one would take some time to troubleshoot individually, something that would be far easier to do in person, and our service is not set up for person-to-person assistance since we don’t have stores to visit. Perhaps you need to be with a carrier that has a friendly store with lots of free coffee that you could visit regularly as these issues arise? Otherwise, we’ll need to tackle your experiences one by one, not all at once, so you don’t end up with so many people tossing solutions at you and so many things to try that it will be overwhelming and confusing.

This is pretty much what Android does, to the extent that any software can help anyone find “the tasks they wish” without being able to read your mind. But neither Republic nor T-Mobile builds the software on the phone. The experience you have with Android is going to be the same with any service provider.

We can troubleshoot issues and work with you to help you manage what’s on the phone and how you’re using it. Our Community can help you set up a different launcher if the launcher you’re using isn’t intuitive for you. We’ll be glad to help, but these things are often best tackled one at a time and with the understanding that we have to work with what’s available to us, rather than wish for a different kind of phone that works the way you envision a phone should work.

I don’t believe so. I’ve owned seven different Motorola phones over the years and am currently testing a pre-release model of yet another one. They have always been good phones in my opinion, with no more quirks than the phones produced by other manufacturers experience.

I’ll be glad to review that support ticket, chat conversation, or however you were told that, but we do not tell people the phone is specifically designed for anyone’s “home.” I imagine no one from our team came out to inspect your home and assess your Wi-Fi network. What we do advise is whether coverage is good in your area, and some phones are not optimized for coverage in a specific area. The G4 and G5 can take either of our SIM cards, so they are optimized for coverage in more places that some of the other phones. I believe this is the kind of conversation you are remembering.

This can be the result of interference by other Wi-Fi networks or appliances, or a network that is not as good as you may think it is, and even some battery saving features on the phone. We have networking gurus here in our Community who can get into the nitty gritty of all that if you want, but again it’s all too much to tackle along with everything else on your list at one time.

Here’s what I say: You have a lot going on and it all sounds like stuff we can work through (and by “we” I don’t me you and me, I mean “we” the Community and, if necessary, our support technicians). However, you’ve indicated you just want it fixed, and we don’t have a big, shiny “fix Dan’s issues” button we’ve just been waiting for the right moment to press. It would take time and troubleshooting together. You said it’s too late and you said you’re not in a position in life to have to diagnose problems. It sounds very much like you don’t want to work on this together, you want it just to work. If that’s truly the case, I don’t think there’s anything we can do for you. So, you decide: Give up and try another carrier, or pick one issue to start with, and let’s see what the Community can help you accomplish.


My experience in tech tells me that my ignorance is some what and issue but probably 15% at most. No I do not have a screen protector. I have no idea when I swipe the screen why it does not respond properly. There are times when I will on its own start minimize and maximizing screens. On many occasions when trying to text it goes wild and starts inputing characters and continues for ever if I cant shut it down. I also don’t think it is a matter of my ability to used the phone when I tape the phone icon and it starts dialing people. I understand issues with some of the apps are probably with that app.I really dont mind learning but I want my retirement to be fun and I dont want to get an HPC degree, you know HUNT PECK and CUSS.

Thank you


If you are saying that your phone is acting at times like it is “touching itself” and then doing things weird as if you were touching the screen, but are not, then that could be a “phantom touch issue” that may be a defect with the phones hardware.

If you are saying that only sometimes the phone does not recognize well your finger touch, but does not have phantom touches, it may be the state of your finger or how you are touching the phone. I know when my hands, and thuss finger get dry and worn down, or dirty, my phones screen will not at all like my touch, even sometimes wont unlock as it will not recognize my fingerprint. Same happens if I put hand lotion on my skin.

Also, you need to use the correct part of your finger, each person and phone will vary of course. My grandmother frequently uses the very tip of her finger, more so finger nail and the screen does not register that or if it does, press somewhere else and that frustrates her.


This set of symptoms sounds very much like what we call the “ghost touch” issue, and the tips at this link can help. Reduce occurrence of Moto G4 Ghost/Phantom Touch using MacroDroid Additionally, some people have been able to coax a replacement phone out of Motorola over this issue.


I was told on by the community that the manufacturer was was aware of the Jitter bug and the touching. I have reallly good diagnostic skills and I have tried every thing I could to eliminate the self touching. I even though that it might have my breath or my hearing aids but not that i can tell.


Have you tried the specific tips in the link I sent you?


please resend. Some how i missed them and cant find them, thanks

Dont the let you to home. tell them I told you that you deserve araise


Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

The tips our Community have pulled together for minimizing the G4’s “Ghost Touch” issue are in this link: Reduce occurrence of Moto G4 Ghost/Phantom Touch using MacroDroid .