Want to leave republic


Thanks again. I have been “living” with this issue for what seems like for ever. I created a macro which seems to have helped. Daan


Thanks @danw.bk7f2z,

There was a lot more to your list of issues than just the “Ghost touch” so please give that a few days of testing, then let us know which issue you’d like to tackle next.


So Far so GREAT. Just wish I could have done this macro a year ago. Dan


I had 2 phone with Republic for many years. I was on the refund plan starting with a moto x ,then moto x2. I spent only $11/mo, my wife $15/mo as she used data. I never used data. I would always loose a call when walking in a certain area as I always had wifi on and spectrum cable had their hot spots every few blocks which caused my phone to go on and off wifi. I too would experience many calls not going thru. But at $11 ( that $10 plus tax), I found the service acceptable. When I finally had to get a new phone, I got the moto x4. This forced me to the new plan at $22/mo (including tax) The service wasn’t any better, but when I left data on I found I would easily reach 1gb just by checking emails and occassional internet search. My recomendation is that if you are by yourself with one phone, Republic is still the better way to go. However, in my case we grouped 4 phones, with possible 2 more adding later so our per phone rate will go down to $20/mo total, unlimited data, international data with T-mobile + $150 rebate. And since Republic uses T-mobile as their carrier on GSM I knew the coverage and which actually works better than Republic. Several of my friends have T-moblie and we use that extensively in Europe when we travel with them, especially for data on mapping. Phone service works good on both republic and tmobile in Europe on wifi. Summary, I was happy with republic before new phone and low cost. But with all the benefits of tmobile as a group they were the better deal.


Thank you. I have nothing personal against Republic, I would rather give the little guy my business. I was not aware of these plans? I have not seen them on their site. I am currently using ulimited text and calling my wife has a one gig plan. We use wifi lot so we are paying about 40 a month with tax for both phones We have a g4+ and a G5+ can we used them? THANKS


Why would you blame Republic for these problems?? The problem is with your phone, it’s CONTAMINATED !! I had many of these same issues till I got my new phone and installed a good anti-virus. Now I have NONE of the problems I had before. Incidentally, I had a T-Mobile sim in my phone at first, and I had very poor coverage in my area. I explained the problem to Republic, and they shipped me a sim for their OTHER carrier, problem solved. I’ve been with Republic since November, 2011, having switched from Verizon @ $165.00 a month for two phones with NO data. When I asked about a phone with data capabilities, they said I would have to switch plans, at another $40.00 per month!!! I heard about Republic on the Clark Howard show, made contact with the upstart company, and the rest is history. I’m very satisfied with the service and the help available.


The Moto X4 was recently on sale for around $169 at one online store. Believe the Android one version is about as clean an android as you will get. No Moto extras addded. If it goes on sale again that may be a good phone. I like mine.


Thankk you . KISS works for phones


First of all THEY SOLD ME THE MOTOS. Second I have sat on these problems for over a year. Third they offered me more for less. Third I was told by Republic our phones were optimized for OUR home area. NOT. Fourh all these linix geeks told me apple and linix did not get viruses. lol
I am staying with Republic because so far the are the best of all the evils. I was not posting against Republic but felt I would get people like you to tell my how ugly the t-mobil baby was. I dont trust reviews