Want to replace my DEFY with a sub-$100 CDMA device

I have a motorola defy style phone and have been waiting for the release of a reasonable performing under $100 phone to be sold like motorola E4 that has the up to date "adoptable internal memory " feature; unfortunately I find out that its not ready for prime time with Sprint which uses CDMA network tower is the strongest in my area local coverage wise and also in terms of cell tower density wise also as well; I will likely look to Twigby another competing MVNO since Twigby utilizes both Verizon and Sprint dual array cell towers CDMA network array as confirmed via google search via search terms “whistleout MVNO provider”; I will compete Republic Wireless directly against Twigby in a head to head fair and equitable test but only when Republic Wireless has completed CDMA provisioning on the$100 E4 phone which is said to be coming soon; until then I wait and collect more information.

I moved your post to a new thread. Since you have a DEFY, your experience is very different than the other OPs you have been posting comments on. I will attempt to recognize your points.

The DEFY was our beta test phone and has a very different experience than the new service and phones. It originally was $249. So you are looking for a better phone for less than half. We will try to comply but there are not a lot of choices at that price range. The DEFY has been around a long time, I trust you have gotten the most value out of it that can be reasonably expected. Maybe it is time for another phone around the same price, but the good news is that right now we are selling the Moto G4 phone with all of the specs you want for $99 . I use this phone and love it. If you really want a great phone you can get the G5 PLUS for less than the original price of the DEFY for a full 32Gb of storage.

I explained this to you in another post but since the G4 selling on our site right now is $99 this should be a moot point . The G4 is $199, still much cheaper and better than the DEFY XT

I think you need to do a bit more research they just use them for calling and texting while roaming. I would hope that they use all of their CDMA provider’s roaming partners since Verizon is not the only one we use by a longshot. I think our customer would take us to task if we promoted our roaming coverage a “dual carrier array”. It is more like 10 carrier array but we could debate roaming all day.

I hope we can get it working soon but we will not put it out until we know it is working reliably. Until then, why not the Moto G4 or the G5 Plus. I have one in my pocket right now and it is a huge step up from your current DEFY XT.


Twigby is an MVNO that partners with Sprint. Verizon (and others) are simply Sprint’s roaming partners, and as such, voice and text roaming work when outside the Sprint coverage area (same as Republic Wireless CDMA). There is no data roaming when outside of Sprint coverage (same as most Sprint MVNO’s). If you have questions about other cellular services, I always recommend checking out http://www.howardforums.com.

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G4? $99?

Sorry, my old eyes were looking at the E4. I need new glasses :wink:

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the G4 is $199 and is currently out of stock (both white and black versions)

Well, it was a popular phone. The G5 then :slight_smile:

It is nice to have more than 1 phone. I remember the days of one phone.


I would agree the G5 Plus is the phone I would currently use to replace my if something happens to it (same for my wife)
I would get the high version the 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage for $299 (though $229 is a a good price for the 2 GB RAM with 32 GB storage)

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I originally brought the Motorola Defy for $99 in 2014 originally when I signed up with Republic Wireless like most Reppublic Wireless members and not $249 that you claim firstly; so I am simply merely trying to replace the original Motorola Defy XT $99 phone with something like the Motorola Moto E4 for $99 also as well;
secondly the Motorola Moto G is well above $99.

The original price and the price most customer paid was $249. People who bought the phone later as we introduced new phones, the price was reduced.

My mistake, I did correct it above.

Thank you for clarifying that is what I thought also as well!

Inn 2014 the Defy was a discount phone, the original price was $249 in 2012 and most of 2013 (the Defy was released from Motorola in August of 2012 and was brought in to Republic as the 2nd Beta later in 2012)
the Defy saw a price reduction in the midpoint of 2013 to $199 (and for those that willing to pay more a month ($29 vs $19) could get it for $99)
late 2013 the price was reduced (more a s a clearance) to $99 for every one after the 1st non Beta phone was introduced, and the Defy stop being sold new in early 2014, and stop being allowed for reactivation in July of 2016

the Defy is now 5 years old and it’s been almost 4 years since it’s last Over the air update, when released in 2012 it already had out of date specs compared to other phones release at that time (2011 specs but was water resistance)

Thanks for clarifying

Thanks for clarifying!

I for one don’t trust them due to the way they advertise 2 carriers and don’t mention they are Roaming on the second
they act as if they are unique or similar to what Google Project Fi is doing, but all they are doing is what Republic has done since day 1 and few other Sprint NVMO have started doing also

Hopefully the wait will be shorter than on the longer side of things.

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