Want to say...a humble apology

Recently I had an issue (a few weeks ago) and I came to post a trouble ticket with RW. I have been with RW for many years now (8 altogether or more) and every time I had an issue, you would come on, post a trouble ticket, and RW staff would answer it via email to help fix the issue. There was a RW community but it was still really small and basically only questions and answers about their service and reviews from customers so others could make an informed decision.

I hardly ever have trouble that needs support. So I came on for support for an issue. I got a lot of replies from an expert customer and that confused me. I had expected when I hit file a trouble ticket to get an email directly from RW staff and support to helpl me as I always had in the past. I wasn’t happy that some customer wanted to help me instead when I pay RW and expect them to help me as they always had.

However, Now that I have been navigating the community more (I used to only go to the FB page but realize not many go there anymore), I am realizing how useful the expert customers can be. I know a LOT about how RW works and know a lot about different apps and how they work etc so as I said rarely need support.

But I realize now that having this community where we can help each other instead of having to wait for RW support to be able to get to everyone is a blessing. Some of the customers here know a lot. And getting quick answers when you have a question makes this feel more like we are part of one community than just random people across the globe that use a cell service.

I have always loved the feeling of the ‘family’ aspect of RW. I thought with the new expert customers instead of direct contact with RW Support we might lose that, but in reality, it seems to just make the ‘family’ bigger.

So I humbly apologize to RW and to those expert customers that tried to help me that day. And I thank you RW for thinking out of the box in ways to draw this community together and for the support you give to everyone no matter what they decide (to be part of RW or not). Ty for many years of AWESOME service. Please keep it up. And thank you to the expert customers for giving of your knowledge and time to help others without pay.

You are all awesome.

(and sorry for trying Tmobile for a day ----they dont even come close to what we have here at RW, not at all :wink: )


Here is a short tutorial that describes the Expert Support in case the program interest you.

For what it’s worth, when one receives an initial email reply from an Expert Customer (full disclosure in addition to being a Community Ambassador I am also one of Republic’s Expert Customers) there is an option to opt out. Opting out would return the ticket to an agent. Alternatively, if one prefers working with an agent as opposed to an Expert Customer, please ask the Expert answering to reroute the ticket to an agent.

It’s always been my feeling Republic’s Expert Customer program at its’ best is an extension of Republic’s Community. One might think of it as bringing Community to the customer meeting them where they are so to speak.

My opinion is admittedly biased but for answers to questions not requiring access to account information or Republic’s backend systems, one will get an as good or even better answers than an agent might be able to provide.

Republic does not route tickets asking questions that would require account access to answer to Expert Customers nor will an Expert Customer ask for account or personally identifying information.

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Expert customer