Want To Switch Plans for Annual Payment Renewal - How?

I am on the pay annually Unlimited Talk & Text and my annual renewal will be due in a few days. I want to switch to Unlimited T&T w/1GB data plan and to continue to pay annually. I cannot find how to do that online. I wish there was a button somewhere to address the change, but having hiked all over the website I must be missing something.

Hi @DeanInDunedin,

You’re not missing anything. We don’t have a button for that.

  • You have to let your annual term end. When it does, you’ll go back to monthly payments.
  • Once on monthly payments, you can change your plan size.
  • If you’re increasing your data amount, the plan change will take place immediately. Then you can set up the new Annual Payment for your next billing cycle date. So you end up with one gap month.
  • If you’re decreasing your data amount, the plan change will take place on the next billing cycle date. Once it does, you can set up your new Annual Payment and it will take place on your next billing cycle date. So in that scenario, you have two gap months.

Sorry it’s kind of clunky. Our developers are aware that there’s room for improvement.

Thanks. I cancelled my auto renewal, so I’ll be ready to change a few days from now.

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