Want to use extend home with different line, but option isn't there for that phone#

Just bought my extend home adapter and got it set up. We want to associate the extend home phone with her number, but when I logged into our Republic account to associate the extend home phone the “extend my phone” link is only there for my phone and not hers. My wife and I both have Moto X2 and are one the My Choice 1GB plan. Any thoughts? Is there some way that my phone would be set up as some sort of “primary phone” on the account so that only mine will work? Is there any way to get it set up on her line?

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Are you sure that both phones are Moto x2? (The second of the Moto x edition)

If that is true, then those phone are on a Republic legacy plan and not the My Choice plan. And unfortunately, the Extend home is made for Republic phones on the My choice plan.

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Hi @markh.4vdxz7 and welcome to the Community!

@SuperT correctly observes that a Moto X2 and My Choice plan are mutually incompatible. If uncertain about either the phones’ models or associated plan, please sign into your Republic account here: https://account.republicwireless.com/account/phones/.

Next to the picture representing your and/or your wife’s phone, please let us know what is said under “My Plan”?

Also, is your wife’s phone assigned to her as a secondary user as described by Republic here: How to Assign a User to a Phone – Republic Help?

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Thanks for your help. I realized we actually have Moto X4s (used to have the X2). I was able to get the extend home set up. Turns out I just had to log in using her user information instead of mine.


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