Want to use old sim card in new phone

What phone do you have? new moto G play 2021

What plan are you on? currently the old plan (plain wifi/text) new phone will need to be My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text

Issue Description

<!---Have purchased new phone. Want to know if I can take my old sim card from old phone and put it in the new phone? Old phone is Moto E. New phone is Moto G Play 2021

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Please see this Help Article for your answer:

Added: If you have the legacy phone (moto e1), its SIM cannot be moved.


I simply removed our sim card from our old phones to the new one. Restart it and wait a few for it to kick in then the activation screen comes up, clicked that and was done within seconds. Shouldn’t really be much to do but you just have to give it permissions. Make sure you download RW app from google play first, that makes it easier once you put the sim in (YOu can do this by using wifi only until you get your sim in)

I had Moto E6 and switched it to MotoG Fast easily. Before the Moto E6 it was in a MotoE 1, so you shouldn’t have an issue just switching it.

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For others reading this thread, this is NOT always the case. The article in the post by @SuperT above is how you can determine if you have a SIM that you can move.


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