Wanted: Really Simple Retro Phone For My Simple Mind

Most of us are here for the simple straightforward plans. We’re also a cheap bunch, I think. Nothing wrong with that . I am not one of those who are unnaturally tethered to a small screen for every imaginable interruption/distraction. I use my phone (spoiler alert) to make phone calls and the daily read of news headlines. So, I want a baby phone to use just for phone calls and messages. That’s all I need. I don’t need to see a big screen of my sister’s mother daughter pic of their sequined suits and twirly batons. Instead of the latest Samsung or Moto bigger badder of all time Android flat screen computer I am hoping Republic will consider those of us who have a good Moto or Samsung but also would like a tiny retro sidekick (Nokia!) that makes calls and a little text. It also could, like the old days, fit in my pocket or palm without claiming all the real estate there. It never hurts to ask but I have a feeling this may hurt. I’m asking for small size and not many, at all, bells and bloating.

I have seen a noticeable amount of folks here who desire such phones. I certainly do agree that some folks just want a plain basic communication device, not a pocket computer.

However, the reality is that RW’s unique Hybrid Calling tech only works with the Android OS. Those small feature phones, or simple “dumb” phones do not run Android.

There is another company, Consumer Cellular, that I believe that offers dumb phones or certain small screen phones.

I can’t say that RW will never support small basic phones, but I would say is very highly unlikely.

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Yes, the old ones ran on CDMA or 2G GSM. The Nokia 3310 is also GSM but runs Android. I will have to search around to find something that works.

I believe that is a custom and stripped down version of Android.
But I will admit, I do not know much about that model.

If you’re referring to for use with Republic, the search is pretty narrow: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


I have an old pay as you go ($10 for 130 rolling minutes per month) on an AT&T MVNO that uses an old ZTE flip phone. The taxes have been included since I got on the plan, but they are going to start charging fees next month, so it may not be worth it (may go from $10 to $14).
I have accumulated over 10,000 minutes over the years. I used to have one of those Motorola Zombie Apocalypse phones (Motofone F3) that had the E-ink screen till the MVNO said they were discontinuing support for it. They sent me a free ZTE GSM flip phone when I held out to the end. This phone is great for just making phone calls. It will text, but the screen is so small it is not easy. The battery was dead upon arrival, but I sprung for a $5 Ebay one, since it has a replaceable battery, and it has been good ever since.
You flip it open to answer calls, and close it to hang up, so there is not much chance of a ■■■■-dial.

You may laugh about having a backup phone, but there are places around here in the boondocks that neither T-Mobile nor Sprint works (no phone service at all, and no texting).
The AT&T network that this phone runs on seems to always work for calls, which is what I need for emergency calls!
My new vehicle came with a wifi hotspot that is on AT&T, and it works great too. At $20/month for all you can eat data (well 22gb at high speed), it is a good value! I could drop data on both my R.W. phones, but it is nice to have some data when you are out shopping and don’t want to connect to some nefarious hotspot.

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