Wanting to upgrade to Moto X4 from broken Moto G4, but told my phone number won't transfer

Wanting to upgrade to Moto X4 from broken Moto G4, but told my phone number won’t transfer

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Hi @paulaw.pspfrm and welcome to the Community!

If you’re checking your current Republic number against the number checker at Republic’s online store, that’s intended for folks wanting to transfer a number from another service provider to Republic. It’s reporting your number won’t transfer to Republic because it’s already at Republic.

Instead, you’ll move your Republic number from old to new phone during activation of the new phone. Republic documents that here: How to Activate a Replacement Phone – Republic Help.

You reference considering the Moto X4. As much as I’d like to see Republic make the sale, there are better prices to be had on the X4 elsewhere. More on that from Motorola here: https://www.motorola.com/us/products/moto-x-family.

If you choose to acquire a compatible Moto X4 elsewhere, to be certain you have adequate cellular coverage, please share with us your Moto G4’s SIM type. Here’s how: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

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I agree that the Moto X4 is a great upgrade for the price!
My wife got the Android One 32/3gb version from B&H photo for around $150.
At the time they included a R.W. GSM sim card for free, which we tried, but had to switch to the CDMA partner. They also have the 64/4gb version for $200. You will have to pay sales tax though.
The Moto X4 Android ONE version gets MUCH quicker updates than my new Moto Z3 Play.
I am still on Android 8.1 with the January 2019 security updates.
She is on Android 9 with the March 2019 security updates.
I am sure at some point they will stop updates for the X4, then stop security updates, but it seems to be a GREAT phone for the price, especially if you don’t need a huge screen (it only has a 5.2" screen).
The Moto X4 does NOT support band 71 (the main reason I got the Z3 Play).
Good Luck!


Thank you Rolandh and Muerte33 for your help. I was able to find an Moto X4 for a very reasonable price and the model number suggested by another RW help person. I’ll get it tomorrow via UPS. Thank you all for the links to assist me with the set up of the new phone. I really appreciate the quick response from the help team and it’s one of the reasons I am a loyal customer and refer RW to everyone I can.

Paula from Austin


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