Warning about changes on a phone after upgrading to Oreo, and a discussion on clearing the System Cache


Things broken:
flash light chop-chop gesture.
the Phone app. (crashes immediately.).
the Contacts app. (crashes immediately.).
notifications text is microscopic.

Moderator’s Note: This post and its replies were split from an Announcement about an update for the Moto X4

Have you done a system cache wipe, or a factory reset?
It is generally recommended by Android experts to do a factory reset after a major OS update, for best stability and performance.

There is no system cache partition starting with 8.0.

A factory reset for every system update is ridiculous. Especially when there are no standard tools for backing and and restoring the phone. The user configurations, layouts, app settings, all would be lost.


The only phone I heard of that has no cache anymore is the Pixel.
I didn’t say any update, I said Major updates. That is 7 to 8 etc.
Alot has changed with 8.0.
There is a standard backup tools built into the phone.
Google backups your apps and contacts.
For other things, you can use 3rd party apps such as SMS Backup and Restore.
And Google Drive/Google Photos to backup all your photos,videos.

I upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1 7.0 to 8.0 had no problems at all. 8.0 to 8.1 has been a disaster.

Like I said, a factory reset will most likely resolve your issues.

For the apps that are crashing, have you tried force stopping them then clearing the apps cache?
Then reboot.

Yes. For the Phone and Contacts app. Force stop, clear cache, clear data, reboot. Tried removing and re-adding the google accounts that contacts are synched to. All to no effect.

Actually there is, I just Cleared System Cache Partition on a Moto G 6 Play. Use the Motorola instructions for Moto Pure, they should work on your phone:

If you’re still having trouble, please do a factory reset as has been mentioned.

You might want to contact Motorola Support as their install/upgrade base is much larger perhaps they can offer some guidance

The G6 Play is on 8.0. There’s some evidence to suggest 8.1 is different and the X4 is not necessarily the same as the G6 Play on 8.0 either.

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I didn’t say it was the same, I suggested they use Moto Pure instructions as I did. From my research the option is also on 8.1 for Moto and Google phones.

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