Warranty Repair on Phone Purchased Through Republic



Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: G4
Plan: N/A
Plan Data: N/A

Issue Description

I purchased a Moto G4 through Republic last year. Since then I’ve had issues with the phone that many G4 owners have had - screen burn in and overheating when using a high brightness setting, as well as loose / falling out buttons on the side of the phone. It’s been less than a year since I’ve bought my phone, and these issues should be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty - especially because they’re a widespread and chronic issue for many G4 owners.

I no longer use Republic for my phone service, but I did buy my phone through Republic. Will my warranty claim be fulfilled through Republic or through Motorola? If it’s through Republic, what process do I follow to receive a non-defective phone.


Hi @alexw.cedkds!

Your warranty is actually from Motorola. Republic can do warranty replacements, but since you are not with them anymore, I would just recommend contacting Motorola. You can start a repair with Motorola here. I hope that helps!



@alexw.cedkds ,
If you were having these issues when a RW customer why on earth would you wait till now to mention the issues or ask to have repairs or a replacement? RW, “I am sure would have helped out” with contacting Motorola on behalf for you but now not being a customer nixes that avenue. A broken phone is not fun & RW wouldn’t want you having a non-working phone with their service. If you come back to RW in the future, Please speak up if there are issues with other RW handsets.


Hi @alexw.cedkds,

I’m sorry to hear that you ended up with a phone with so many issues. There’s no one answer to your question that applies to everyone, as individual circumstances may vary, however, I would encourage you to please open a support ticket and let our technicians determine whether the issues are covered under warranty and how we might be able to help.

Our commitment to our members does not end if they move their service elsewhere. We appreciate that you tried Republic Wireless, we’re disappointed that we were not a good fit for your needs, and we hope you’ll keep us in mind in the future.


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