Was the CDMA sim card I was sent linked to a specific phone number?

I was having connection issues with my Pixel 2 and was recommended to switch to the CDMA network due to where I was having issues. However, while I was waiting for it on the mail, I switched phones with my son ( we are all on the same Republic account). So I never used the CDMA sim card. However, my son is now having data issues. Can I switch him over to CDMA network to see if that solves the issue or is that card tied to my phone number?

Hi @mvictoria621,

The SIM card is not associated with a phone number, however, it may have be paired to the phone itself. If I’m following the musical-phones scenario correctly, your son now has the same Pixel 2 that was originally the intended recipient of the CDMA SIM card? If so, it can be activated in that phone.


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