Washed Phone with SIM card in it


I washed my phone. It won’t turn on so i’m Assuming I need a new phone.

  1. Since the SIM card was in the phone, do I need to get a new SIM card? If so, how do I do that?

  2. Since I need a new phone, is there a cheaper phone comparable to the Sumsung SJ7 (which is the phone I currently have)?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. SIM cards typically survive a trip through the washing machine, but if it didn’t you can simply order a new one from: SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless

  2. I don’t really have a recommendation for a cheaper comparable phone.


since the Samsung J7 is in the ~250 price class the Moto G7 line may be worth a look (the Moto G7 Play is $199, Moto G7 Power $249, while the base Moto G7 is $299)
the Samsung J series is a budget line and the J7 is a high version of that line, where the Moto G series is a mid-line the G7 Play is a lower end of this (G7 Power is in-between the Play and the Base but has a larger battery)
if price is the main thing your looking at there also the LG K30 ($149) and Moto E5 play ($129)

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You can also get the SIM card from Amazon


$1 + free delivery for Prime members isn’t bad.

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