We cannot purchase extra data, RW loans some to you!



As competition gets closer to RW, more consideration to PURCHASED extra data should be rolled over and never expire. It is not fair that we purchase say 1 GB of data while traveling 2 days before your bill cycle renews.
Any extra data purchased, should be ours, not stolen when our bill cycle renews.
RW policy now is to loan us data , then take it back, without compensation when your bill cycle renews.


The extra $5 you pay for data is about the same as a couple gas station beef jerky sticks. While traveling, you may choose to go with or without one, the other, or both.

I don’t expect to sway your opinion much, however. I see this is the third discussion you have began, all regarding data purchases. Since the first discussion, Republic Wireless effectively lowered the cost of data purchases.


There have been about 1,000 discussions of this around here. Republic is happy to sell you data on the older Refund plans (with the older phones) at $15/GB. On the new plans, they have lowered the price to $5/GB. This model relies on “breakage”, essentially making it like insurance. You pay for it, even if you don’t use it. Just like your health insurance company doesn’t refund your premiums if you don’t get sick, this works largely the same way.

If you’d like a plan that charges you only for what you use, there’s one carrier in the market that does that, at $10/GB or you could get a legacy phone from Republic and do it for $15/GB. At $5/GB you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


One can eat the cake as long as it hasn’t gone bad [expires on billing date]

Personal as one runs out of data near end of billing cycle one has to ask if what one’s doing with the data is worth $5 for a few day [or buying a milk jug as the day before it expires even though one knows they will not finish it]


Do you ask the Chinese restaurant to refund your money if you can’t eat the entire buffet table available (or take the buffet leftovers with you when you leave)?

RW provides 1gb for $5, you can use as much of that as you want until your next billing cycle.


Well, it is my choice if I buy the Chinese buffet and not eat it, but if I buy a buffet and after 1 hour they take it back before I am done, where is my refund?
I purchased 1gb of data what happened to my 1gb if my billing cycle is one day later? Did I really buy 1gb?


So, if I need data for work on the road and buy 1gb, 3 hours later my service cycle is posted, I loose the 1gb.
How about making the purchased 1gb good for thirty days no matter when you buy it.


Please, do a quick search and look at the numerous threads on this topic previously.


Hi @dhinet.

Thanks for your suggestion. At the $5 price point, data expires at the end of the billing cycle. We’ve done financial analysis to determine that offering data this way provides the majority of our members a better value than charging more for the data and allowing it to carry over or be refunded.

Since we’ve had this conversation many times in our Community, I’m going to lock this thread. If you don’t feel your voice has been heard, please continue the conversation in Introducing My Choice, a new plan from Republic Wireless.