We can't get $100 off of Moto Play phone, they're sold out?


And if so, is the free 6 months deal gone too?

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Yes, you can get the discount but you will have to wait a week or three to receive the phone. I just too an order to the last step. You can see the discount is applied:

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Okay, great! Yes, the discount wasn’t given in the beginning, so I was unsure. Thank you for answering!

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It says it has to be activated by the 27th. Good luck that isn’t going to happen

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RW has already said they will work with folks on that issue if it occurs.

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If they don’t live up to their end of the bargain, can’t we just return the phone for a full refund?



Hi @stevenz.grn5nv!

Yes, you have 14 days from delivery to take advantage of the Money Back Guarantee. However, rest assured that Republic Wireless will hold up their end of the bargain! They won’t hang you out to dry .




Hi @michaelm.ikgr7v

Just to clarify, it must be activated by the 29th/December…

Moto Z Play | Republic Wireless

“The customer must activate the Eligible Phone (x ) on or prior to December 29, 2016”


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