We couldn't find any orders or payments in this time range

says my order has been placed this was 5 days ago i looked in my account says this Order Date: 9/23/2019 can’t find nothing in the past 90 days sunday will be a week i never should have signed up

Good morning. If an order was placed but isn’t showing up at https://account.republicwireless.com/account/invoices that indicates there was a serious issue with the order preventing it from being processed. Only staff can provide more info. You can chat with them by opening a ticket.

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Hi @lucifer53,

After reviewing your ticket history, I’m a bit confused as to whether you want the order or not. I understand that you don’t see it in your account history, and that matter has been transferred to the appropriate team in your latest ticket, but for the sake of understanding how to move forward with this question, could you please let us know whether you want to order and receive a phone, or wish not to receive a phone.

(Please note, even if you are seeing this message by E-mail, it is in response to your question in our Member Community and your reply to this message is publicly visible.)

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I did

They’re the only folks that are going to be able to help with this, the community won’t be able to.

You may want to respond to the request from @southpaw above, as she is the only Republic person in this discussion, the rest of us are just fellow members/users

No i don’t want the order


Thanks @lucifer53,

I’ll update your ticket with that information to make sure our agents have a clear understanding of the situation.


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