We do not consistently see the answer/dismiss option for inbound calls

How can I consistently see the answer/dismiss symbols on my new Moto G4 phone? Currently it’s there sometimes, and not at other times.
We’ve had our phones from /republic for about 2 weeks, and both my wife and I have the same problem with incoming calls.

Hi @henrym.jja6st,

I have experienced the same situation. I might be mistaken but I think the “answer/dismiss” option only occurs when there is an ongoing call and a second caller rings in. That is the only time I recall getting this option.

Hi @henrym.jja6st

If my phone is ‘sleeping’ I see the dismiss/answer symbols. If I am using the phone when a call comes in, I see a drop-down notification, as illustrated below…

(approximated ) (click to enlarge).

Are you saying you see neither?.

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