We love our members, and we want to show our appreciation!



Love Our Members Week

In February our thoughts turn to :hearts: and :cupid: and giving extra attention to the ones we love. At Republic Wireless, we love our members, and while we can’t come around with :hugs: for each of you, (that might get creepy!) we want to extend our most sincere appreciation to all of you for being a part of Republic Wireless.

Local Love

February 19-23, members who visit our Raleigh Pop-up Shop will be treated to a $20 gift card to local businesses that offer fun ways to spend time with loved ones.

:film_projector: - :person_climbing: - :bowling: - :notes: - :canoe: - :telescope: - :soccer:

Community Love

Sign in, join a conversation, ask a question, help another member, or thank someone for being so helpful! We’ll roll out our Community treasure chest and offer random members who participate in Community February 19-23 their choice of select RW swag items, phone accessories, or $20 Tango Cards good for gift cards from a variety of well-known retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

:tshirt: - :billed_cap: - :android: - :department_store: - :tropical_drink: - :ticket: - :ice_cream:

From all of us at :rw: Republic Wireless, thank you for being a Republic Wireless member! :heart_decoration:


Notable Newbies: Welcome!

Yahoo! can’t wait for Relay, I think I’m going to use it for my Father who is in memory care, then he can contact us whenever he wants.



Thank you for helping understanding what the xt1775 means when we got our Moto E4 plus phones. We did not know that was important to know and prevented us from getting a phone not fit for republic.
Truly appreciate the help.
I mention republic at work all the time, don’t know if anyone listens to my wise advice or not… Anyway keep up the fantastic work.



We have put down our devices and played some table games with my wife and daughter. Good family time done. I got beat at Uno and rummicube. Well anyway, I didn’t even get up when some notifications came on my phone. I just kept playing the game, hooray for me.



We’re celebrating Love Our Members week Feb 19-23! If you’re a Republic member in the Raleigh area, visit our Pop-up shop for a special gift!

In Community, we’ll be looking for meaningful participation all over Community and surprising members with a chance to select a prize from the items listed below. (Not all items will be awarded.)

Prize item Awarded to
$20 Tango Gift Card (2 more available) ceedee, aFloridian, abbyd.guvmu4, zaned, sallyp.3g8mum, edwards.blxfsl, michaelv.isx2ec, austinp.ql7jir and ???
RW Baseball cap (8 more available) cecily (from drm186), cbwahlstrom, and ???
RW Classic T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2X) (4 more available) deemaniam and ???
RW insulated Water bottle (4 available) beanie and ???
Motorola Turbo Power Car charger (4 more available) deborahl.ykitq7 and ???
Belkin USB-C Cable + Car Charger (no more available) rosedoodle, brentb.pu0hhm
Motorola Keylink (9 more available) miranda and ???
Motorola Power Pack Slim 5100 (7 more available) cherylt.4uxfax, stonehkm, davide.19hlqy, and ???

So don’t be shy! Sign in, learn your way around Community, create a new topic to share a tip, reply to thank someone whose advice helped you. We just might surprise you with a prize!



Just need to come up with 600$ and some time to travel.



Hugs, Republic! Wow! How I love, love, love my new Moto E4! The display is so BIG! And guess what else, it is really cool that this phone does not have a blinking indicator light for missed calls or voicemails. At first, I thought it was a negative thing, but after using the phone for a few weeks, it is actually a feature that I love. Now, I DECIDE when to check my voicemails and missed calls and messages, no more being summonsed by a dictatorial blinky light. It’s very liberating. Love you, Republic! Thanks for watching out for my budget and my phonelife. Yeah, I just invented the word phonelife. :iphone::hugs::peace_symbol:



This is awesome! I’ve been with Republic for over 4yrs and I love it! I’m a single mom and saving money is a huge deal. Thank you Republic for having a great service.



Hi @amyo.2wr1xu,

Thanks for the kind words and hugs! We’re glad you’re enjoying your new Moto E4.

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Hi @jessical.po9vwe,

We’re glad you’re saving money with Republic! Thanks for being a member. Be sure to check out this thread to see how others are enjoying their savings:
Tell us how you enjoy your RW savings for a chance to win $100!

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Community started the week out slowly this morning, which is fairly normal on a Monday morning! We want to kick off Love Our Member week with a prize for someone who took the time to say “Thank you.” :tada:

@ceedee - You have been very patient as we’ve worked to determine various causes that were preventing iOS users for being able to access our help center. Once we announced the issue was resolved, you took the time to come back, confirm it was working as intended for you, and thanked us for the fix.

Taking the time to confirm a fix is a powerful part of why our Community works!

So, @ceedee, please review the list of prizes above and reply here to let us know which prize you’d like!



Thanks for the gift! Rockin’!

I’d love the tango gift card. Not quite sure what it is, but I probably need it more than a water bottle! :+1:

Great way to start the week!




Our second lucky member chosen as part of Love Our Members :green_heart: week is @cherylt.4uxfax! She is a long-time lurker, first time poster to the Community and we’re glad to see she’s gotten a soltuion to her question.

We love to see folks come out from the ‘shadows’ :male_detective: and post for the first time, and are even more excited when we see them return. Thanks for posting @cherylt.4uxfax! Please look over the list of prizes above and reply to this post to let us know which one you’d like!



Wow! Who knew asking a question would result in cool stuff! Thanks! I try to find answers in the forum and most of the time I am able to, thus the lurking rather than posting. I didn’t think I would find the specific Moto X 2nd gen to Moto G5 Plus answer so I decided to post. The forum is so much easier and more convenient than calling some 800 number, listening to “press 1 for this, 2 for that”, then being put on hold, etc. LOVE the forums!

Thanks again! We would like :

Motorola Power Pack Slim 5100 (10 available)



Good Choice I had good luck with Motorola’s power packs (both the 5100 and the 4100)



Our next lucky member chosen for Love Our Members week is @rosedoodle!

These discussions are always fun to read here in the Community! When our members discover cool solutions to their dilemmas, we want to hear about it. Thanks so much for posting about your great find @rosedoodle! Please look over the list of prizes above and reply to this post to let us know what prize you’d like!

PS… what old school tunes :musical_note: are you listening to?!



It would be nice to win a Republic Wireless baseball cap to go with my Republic Wireless shirt. But if I do not win that is alright because the savings that Republic Wireless gives me every month always makes me a winner;-)

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Southpaw, I just visited the Republic Wireless shop but I see that you do not sale Republic Wireless baseball caps?

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Thank you @swall! You made my day :smile:

Lately it’s been mostly:

Wildflowers, Tom Petty
The Nashville Sound, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit
Folklore, Big Big Train
Kind of Blue, Miles Davis
Soul of A Woman, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Anything by Herbie Hancock
Anything by John Coltrane

Oh, and my choice is the Belkin USB-C Cable + Car Charger
Very cool! Had one on my wishlist on Amazon :sunglasses:



Those are some awesome music choices! Adding those to my Spotify playlist right away. My personal favorites out of that list would be Wildflowers by Tom Petty! Oh and pretty much anything by Miles Davis :smirk:

We’ll go ahead and put you down for one Belkin Car Charger :+1:


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