We love our members, and we want to show our appreciation!

I have no doubt @StevenHawkins is one of the reasons for RW’s greatness. Never a question!

BTW, thanks for playing along…


Oh, the old Stephen Hawking mix up! @olyolson, I promise if I were half as intelligent as my namesake, RW would be even greater, and if I had a nickel for every time this “mix up” happened, I’d be filthy rich.


I’d love to nominate someone for the Love Our Members extravaganza! This one is a shout out to @deborahl.ykitq7 for sharing such a heartfelt story of how she was able to use her savings to surprise her mother on her birthday!

We strive to make special moments like this one for our members! As important as our family is to us, we should have the opportunity to celebrate all of life’s little blessings as often as we can!

Please look over the list of prizes and reply to this post to let us know which one of the above prizes you’d like!


Another great story that was recently shared was the one by @abbyd.guvmu4

@abbyd.guvmu4, while your post wasn’t selected in our Valentine’s Day giveaway, we’d like to thank you for sharing your story. We’d also love to have some further conversations about all those money-saving tricks you know! Please select something from our list of prizes and reply here to let us know what you’d like.


Thank you :). I will claim one of the Tango gift cards.

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I’d love to nominate someone for the Love Our Members extravaganza! Our next winner is @zaned who posted for the first time in our Community and made a great suggestion for our Republic Anywhere app!

Keep the suggestions coming! For now, please make your way over to our list of prizes and let us know what you’d like by replying to this post!


Awesome! I would love a Tango card. Thank you Republic Wireless!


We’re going to finish out tonight with a 5-member blitz! Hold on to your hats, here we go…

# 1

Hello @michaelv.isx2ec, and welcome! You received your first “Like” in Community today for expressing your thoughts as you transition from the Refund plan to My Choice.

We understand our Refund members really love their Refund, it’s not an easy move, and we appreciate your good-natured post. What phone are you moving to?

# 2

Hi @davenc! You did something we wish more Community members would do! You read the Community Guidelines, earning your Read Guidelines badge! Thanks for taking a look at the principles that keep our Community a place for civil conversations!

# 3

Good evening @thaddeusb.sja2tn! You’ve made this list tonight because you gave your first “Like” tonight, and likes are a great way to let others know you appreciate what they’ve written. You gave not one, but four likes, all in the New! Quickly Block Unknown Calls from the Republic Wireless App thread. Blocking spam callers is a very likable topic!

# 4

Greetings to @noahb.888rlm!
Thanks for starting a topic to make sure it’s ok to buy a phone elsewhere and bring it to Republic. When Republic Wireless started out, we could only support phones bought from our online store, so it’s definitely understandable that you’d want to make sure that phone you’ve found for less elsewhere will really work here!

# 5

Hello @sallyp.3g8mum, thanks for asking your question about moving content.

Looks like you’ve “stumped the geeks” since no one has taken a stab at answering you! I’m sure our Community can help you out, though.

Now, @michaelv.isx2ec, @davenc, @thaddeusb.sja2tn, @noahb.888rlm, and @sallyp.3g8mum, please take a look at our prize list and reply here to let us know what prize you’d like to have!

Thank you to all our members who participate in Community!


Awesome! I’ll claim one of the Motorola Powerpack Slims. Thank you!


This type of thing is why I love RW. Love my charger! Thanks so much!

Edit: Also thanks you two for the sweet notecard :smile:
I doubt Verizon or TMobile customers can say they get such things.


Wow, I’m never a winner. Lol.

I don’t know what some of these things are so I’m going to go with the Turbo car charger. Thanks!


Are there any on the list you want to ask about?


Thanks so much for the nice surprise!! I would like to choose the Motorola Turbo Power Car charger. That will come in very handy for my Moto G4, which I love.
I’m glad you liked my story. My mother is still talking about how that was one of the best birthday she ever had.

I’m so glad to be a part of the Republic Community.




Southpaw, I looked them all up except for the Tango card. What is it?

It a genic gift card

Hi @sallyp.3g8mum,

It’s a virtual gift card that you can convert to gift cards good at a lot of well-known places, like Amazon, Fandango (for movie tickets) or a lot of restaurants and stores. The Tango Card link in the top post goes right to the catalog of gift cards you can choose from.

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Southpaw, well, can I actually switch my request from the turbo car charger to the Tango card then? (Go figure, just last night my boyfriend have me a turbo charger as a gift…lol).


Moto X 4th Gen.


X1 to X4 is quite a leap! We hope you enjoy it. Maybe you can start a topic describing some of the differences you’ve found. It might help others who are contemplating upgrading from the older phones make those decisions.



Rather a nice gesture. Think I would like a water bottle, please.

Details are:
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