We’re not in Kansas any more

It’s becoming quite clear that the “New” Republic Wireless is much different than the company to which we have become accustomed. I was trying to be optimistic about the changes even though we are now dealing with Dish and AT&T; two companies with rather shady reputations.

Today I read through the posts relating troubles that customers are having porting numbers and activating phones on the new plans, along with the post revealing that a LOT of phones will no longer able to make WiFi calls on the new plans.

Read here to see if your phone can make WiFi calls with the new plans: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/4413599944471-Republic-Wireless-Phones-5-0-Plans-

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We still have Southpaw and she has always been one of the best aspects of RW. I saw a lot of her posts here today even though she is on vacation, most likely helping folks from home.


I agree, Southpaw is one great reason to stay with RW.


Fortunately, you have a whole lot more than Southpaw.

We are going through a difficult patch at the moment, that’s true, but there are entire teams of engineers working over the holiday to investigate and fix each issue. There are Help Team agents working throughout the holidays and their supervisors are either online or on call to assist with questions.

We appreciate any patience anyone can afford us, and we will continue to work our way through the issues to bring our members the better experience we’ve been waiting for.