We recently purchased a new phone. When it arrives how do I deactivate service to our old RW phone and activate it on the new phone?


I may have missed this in an existing thread so I apologize if so. I am also curious about having to update our plan with the new phone purchase? It seems as though the .5 gb data is no longer an option so we must upgrade to the 1gb data. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Activation instructions can be found at Activate My Phone | Marshmallow. You’ll reach a point in these instructions where there is a decision matrix asking what phone you purchased, where you purcased your phone, and are you replacing a previous phone? Just click on the appropriate response and follow the instructions.

The phone will also guide you during the activation (just read carefully).


First the old phone will be deactivated when the new phone is activate as a replacement for it during the activation process. You don’t want to deactivate first because you would lose the number…Activate | Republic Wireless

Info on the plans and purchasing a SIM card if phone was purchased from a vendor other than RW is in the below links. 3.0 Phones are currently sold to be used on RW’s GSM system, coverage id different than the 2.0 plans.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans without the hidden fees | Republic Wireless

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless


Thank you for the help, this definitely answers my question!


Thank you for the help! I had seen info on the update, but hadnt read carefully enough.