We used to be able to do MEID Check before buying used

Remember when you used to be able to do an MEID compatibility check?
Todya’s search shows nothing.
What is the new, improved, hard to find way to verify that a phone can be activated?

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for legacy phones

Check to make sure the phone can be reactivated
First, you’ll need the MEID (serial number) of the phone from the seller. Then, open a Republic Help ticket and one of our Help team members will let you know if that phone can be activated on Republic or not.
Submit a request – Republic Help

the old MEID check was part of the old Defy activation (check the old legacy phones was a bonus) and since Defys can no longer be activated this page was removed


Thank you. But I figured it wouldn;’ be simple. I sent in a ticket but the only option available is to “Activate”. I had to specify “DO NOT ACTIVATE JUST CHECK MEID”

Based on my vast experience submitting tickets and knowing the extended response time delays this is not a good system for buying a used phone.

Help Ticket reply finally came a 5 AM this morning.
Sale ended midnight last night.
RW Ticket reply came far too late so I didn’t risk buying it.
Buying a used RW phone is not made simple or easy.

I agree that an online MEID checker would be a useful tool to have. Meanwhile, Swappa offers a pretty good tool here: https://swappa.com/esn.

Additionally, generally, inability to activate a previously used phone purchased from a reputable e-commerce site like eBay or Swappa would be grounds for return. I’m confident such a return would be covered by eBay’s buyer protection policies and PayPal’s for items purchased via Swappa.


With RWs software I would, and did, prefer to rely only on an RW MEID Checker.

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