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What phone do you have? Moto x 4

What plan are you on? Choice plan, 6g

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Issue Description

I had been using the weather bug app on my phone for years. Then one day, it wouldn’t open. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times. There were no issues installing it, but when I went to open the app, it would shut down.

Wondering if anyone else was having issues with weather bug?

Hello @nicholaso.uljwbe
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

That app has been known to be problematic with Republic:

I can’t say why it’s been acting up now for you. But the app has had issues for others.
Maybe the Community can offer suggestions for a different app for you :thinking:

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  • Often when something ‘used to work’ then it stops without the user doing anything it can be caused by another 3rd party app being loaded or updated. If you know when the problem you are experiencing started you can use the Google Play Store to see a history of adds/updates. This may give you an additional clue
    Play Store / For you/ :menu: Menu / My apps & games / Installed (tab) then sort by Last Updated

  • I installed the Weather Bug a couple hours ago on my Moto X 4 to see if I can detect any problems

Here is something you might try to get it going again…

After you have the app installed, go to the phones settings> app & notifications and select the Weather Bug app.
Then tap on “storage and cache” and clear both of them. Reboot the phone, then try starting the app.

fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I unfortunately can’t pinpoint when it stopped working. About 3 or so weeks ago. So went to my last updated apps to see if there was anything specific and there were several apps that updated around that time. So not sure what to think there. Appreciate the suggestion!

Thank you for the suggestion! I tried this as well. Unfortunately, no luck :frowning:

At this point, I could suggest two things to try

  1. Begin deleting the Apps that have been updated/added about the time failure began.
    • I would Delete 1 / power off/on the phone and test … then Delete the next one
  2. OR, as a final ‘fix’ you could always do a Factory Reset with out the Restore, then add back the Weather Bug app

Hi @nicholaso.uljwbe,

We haven’t heard from you in a couple of weeks about your issue with the Weatherbug app. It appears the app developers released an update June 9. Are you still having this issue?

Yes, I am still unable to open the app. I was in contact with the developer of weather bug and we tried several things. It still does not work.

  • I have an X4, and had the Weather Bug installed since you 1st mentioned your problem, it was among ~200 apps installed, I never had any problems.
    However in trying to chase another users problem, I checked my home WiFi with an App and it showed no WiFi signals detectable, then used 2nd & 3rd app same results … the clear app cache didn’t help and I had to factory reset the phone to clear up the problem.
    • This can occasionally occur when the right combination of apps/errors occurs and a bit of the main code is overlaid, no way to detect or fix without the last ditch effort of factory reset … then no assurance that it’s a fix

Hi @nicholaso.uljwbe,

I’m curious what things the developer had you try? Knowing that might help the Community think of other things.
How much free storage do you have available on your phone?

The developer gave me an earlier version of the app thinking that the latest update they have messed it up for me. But even after doing that it still didn’t work.

Hi @nicholaso.uljwbe,

Could you look to see how much free storage you have available on the phone? If it is very full, that can prevent some apps from opening.

@nicholaso.uljwbe Are you still looking for help with this?

I still haven’t been able to open the app successfully, so yes. But at this point, I’ve just given up. Still trying to find a good weather app that was similar to weather bug.

Hi @nicholaso.uljwbe,

Perhaps, something in the article I suggested for another member would be of interest: Looking for a simple app or widget to show local outside temperature on Moto G (1st gen)?

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