Web Portal shows all calls & texts completed as cell even when they were done on WiFi

Recently looked at the call logs in our account via the web portal (My call and message history) using my laptop. All of the calls and texts (either incoming or outgoing) show as completed via cell. We spend most of our days on home WiFi.

Ran a couple of tests –

WIFI CALL – Turned Airplane Mode on and then enabled WiFi. This should force calls and texts to go via WiFi. Made and received several test calls and texts. Test calls out showed as “Calling via Republic Network” on the phone display as it should on WiFi. But the CDR still showed everything completed via cell not WiFi.

CELL CALL – Turned WiFi off so phone was on cell only. Made another test call out and it showed as “Calling via Cellular Network” on the phone display as it should on cell. Of course the CDR showed test call completed via cell.

No apparent problems with either Moto G6 phone. Phones are running Android 9 (Pie) and all apps are updated. We used basically the default settings when we activated the phones to replace our Moto G1’s back in Feb 2019. The last time the logs show any WiFi connections (only a couple) was in December 2018. We were still on our old Moto G1’s when the issue started (according to the logs) so it doesn’t look like a G6 issue.

Is there a problem with the accuracy of the WiFi/Cell indication in the call log using the account portal?

Sorry if this subject has been beat to death. Did several searches and couldn’t find an exact answer to this question.

Hi @freddyp,

Our technicians are investigating. If you’d like to open a ticket on the matter, please ask that it be attached to master ticket 1754378.

Pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness


@southpaw - received a message today from RW help that the engineers have resolved the problem. Checked account and everything looks normal now with both cell and WiFi calls properly shown.


Thanks for the confirmation, @freddyp.

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